George Washington

By Gabrielle Hurrle

Georges early life.

George Washington when you hear that name you should be filled with respect.George was a brave man loved by his soldiers respected by all. But let's talk about his actual early life. George Washingtons dad was named Augustine "Gus" his mother was Mary Washington. He also had a half brother named Lawrence he and George were best friends George was an ordinary child no one knew he was destined for greatnes. Augustine knew little of his son because Augustine died when George was 11. Some say George never told a lie and that might be true but if George ever did chop down a tree Augustine just might not have seen. George inherited 10 slaves and the soil of ferry farm. George's mother was bossy but loved her son. She was disappointed that her son became the president of the the United States and that he wasn't around to see to her every need. In conclusion George had a ok childhood in the future his life will get better.


George Washington

Do you want to know more about the father of our country.

Georges early life,Family life is tough especially if your the president,and where he lived and what he did. Those are some of the things you will be learning about George Washington.

Family life is tough especially if your the president.

George Washington should also bring sadness to your heart. Especially on this topic family. George married Martha Washington who had two children after her first marige Martha jr and John "Patsy" and "Johnny" Patsy was her mothers favorite child she got everything a teen could need. A parrot,a piano,all the clothes she wanted,and dancing lessons but it didn't last long for Patsy at age 16 had a seizure and passed away.Johnny soon was the favorite he had a 2 year old son but one day Johnny went to visit the soldiers and got sick and also passed away. See I told you it was a sad chapter of his life.

George's education

George Washington when you hear that name you should be filled with respect....Wait a minute didn't I already say that.This chapter of my time is about George's education George studied geography and math. Math was George's best subject. George dropped out of school at around age 16. His parents could not afford collage for George. So yeah I don't know how he became our president but he did (And I'll be more clueless too why Donald Trump wins if he does).

Where he lived

George Washington when you hear that name you should feel rich.George Washington was a rich man when his father died he was given Ferry farm. George still lived with his mother but when he got older he lived at Ferry farm as a tobacco farmer. George then married Martha Wahington who was also rich. Martha moved into Ferry farm with George and she took her two children with her. They lived happily at Ferry farm until George left for war when George returned from war him and Martha moved into the White House and lived there until death. In conclusion I moved more than George Washington. But he had mansions I moved into tiny houses with my mom.


Respect------------------------To feel proud in someone's heart.

Geography-------------------Studies of the form of the world.

Topic-------------------A idea of a book or some reading material.

Conclusion-------------The end of a book or chapter.

President-----------Our country's leader for a certain amount of time A.K.A a term.