Pig Iron

idk why its called that. And its not made of pigs

What pig iron is made of.

The raw materials needed for the production of pig-iron are 92% iron, three to four percent carbon, and varying amounts of silicon (0.5 to three percent ), manganese (0.5 to six percent), phosphorous (0.1 to two percent ) and traces of sulfur (0.01 to 0.05 percent).

The cost of Pig Iron

The cost of pig iron is about $265-$438.

3 Physical Properties of Pig Iron

1. It is brittle

2.It is hard

3.It is fairly fusible.

One interesting fact about pig iron.

It was called pig iron from the old-fashioned method of casting blast furnace iron into moulds arranged in sand beds in such a manner that they could be fed from a common runner. Because the groups of moulds resembled a litter of suckling pigs.http://www.indomines.com.au/projects/indonesian-pig-iron/what-is-pig-iron/
Production of Pig iron