The Start Of Destruction

It's the dawn of a new war. The War Of 1812.

Will The British Be The Cause Of Our Destruction, Or Our Salvation?

The year is 1814! The British are heading towards Washington DC! What will President James Madison do when all the national banks are closed down? This could be the end for the United States! The cause of this crazy war is because the French didn't want us trading with their enemy, the British!! This could be a long year.


United States And England decide to end the bloody war.

England and The United States have created a peace treaty to sign between countries. They came to their senses finally! British loses a total of 4,921 troops from battle and disease. America loses a total of 17,260 troops from battle and disease. Will this be the end of the commotion between England and the United States, or is it just the beginning?