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June 12th-June 18th

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Week 3 of Summer Running

Not Everyone Gets Up by 630am to Go Running!

Week 2 most runners were getting in some easy miles and others were still resting. Week 3 we will begin (for most) to incorporate more fast paced workouts!


Experienced runners received IRPs or individual running plans. Beginners and intermediate runners received a generic running plan to get them started. If you didn't receive one, or if you are confused about your plans, please let us know!

We want all runners to keep in mind we are building up their mileage this summer to get a good base to work with over the cross country season. We stress to everyone to not over due it, rest on Sundays (or one day a week), and stick to the plan!

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More Miles More Smiles 5K

Coach Deeken mentioned it being okay if you wanted to run in this 5K Friday June 17th. Click here for the link for information and please let us know if you will be participating. Coach also shared this promotional code FHRUNNERS2016 that may save you money when you register.

Regular Summer Running Schedule

Mondays & Thursdays Weekly

  • 7-830am
  • Meet at Busch Wildlife Lodge (possible Duckett Creek so listen up and pay attention to the GroupMe Chat)
  • Wear good running shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather!
  • Bring water, sunscreen, and a yoga mat (for stretching, core work, etc.)

Week 3's Tip: Benefits of the Fartlek

Click here to learn what a fartlek is and how they are going to be important for your speedwork.

Week 2's Tip: Preventing Injury

Click here for the tip that will help you understand why we are building up your mileage and workouts slowly!
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