types of mining and fracking

by April Grubbs

Placer is the first type of mining

Placer mining involves any type of mining where raw minerals are depostied in sand or gravel or on the surface and are picked up without having to drive, use dynamite or any other signifigant means. The word placer means "sand bank" in Spanish. Specific types of placer mining are panning, dredging, sluicing, using a Rocker, or just picking up what lies on the ground.

Hydraulic is the secend type of mining

Hardrock mining entails diging into solid rock to fine minerals usually in their ore form (the metal plus oxygen). To do this, miners used picks and shovels, rock drills, dynamite and more. Miners dug either shafts that went straight down to follow ore bodies and veins, or tunnels which went somewhat horizontal into rock faces. Shafts usually had some sort of headframe (pictured left) standing above them to support the hoists. Shafts and tunnels were often supported with large timbers to prevent cave-ins. Most shaft or tunnel mines would eventually flood as they hit the water table and water would have to be continually pumped out. Sometimes there was so much water they had to abandon the mines.

tyeps of mining and fracking