Pre-K Gets Ready for Summer!

Week of May 23rd, 2016

Good afternoon families,

This week we leaned about summer! In Language Arts we learned about the sw- blend, drew summer pictures and wrote about them. Students copied the beginning of the sentence focusing on their handwriting skills then used inventive spelling to complete the sentence. Students created 3D art by coloring a paper plate to look like a watermelon. After drawing, they counted the seeds and wrote: There are_seeds. Students "fished" for letters needed to spell their last name. To celebrate Superhero Day, we drew ourselves as superheroes in action and wrote our superhero name! We tried a new activity called "write the room". Students were given a clipboard, paper and pencil. They walked around the room and wrote down all the words they could see. We realized that there is writing everywhere! Students had fun searching for words. This is an easy and beneficial game you could try at home.

In Math we worked on our number writing. After tracing and writing numbers, students picked a number and drew the corresponding amount of summer items (6 beach balls, 10 popsicles, etc.). We also worked on recognizing numbers in print. Students matched the number to word (6 to six) by listening to the beginning sound. We played a number game where we rolled marbles down a small ramp into cups. We read the number on the cups to determine our score then recorded our score to get some extra writing practice in. We also completed a 5-colored popsicle pattern on the iPad!

Every day in Science we took a break to go outside, lay in the grass and look at the sky (luckily it finally stopped raining!). Students recorded what they saw by drawing in their cloud journal. On Friday we took a look back at the week and noted similarities/differences in the weather from day-to-day. We graphed our favorite weather by season. Most students voted for hot summer weather! A few chose cold winter weather. We talked about water and where we might see it before each student got their own bucket of water and toys to play with. We read the book Sun and attempted to melt objects outside in the sun. Students predicted which would melt first and when!

If you'd like to go to the Meet and Greet. It is this Wesnesday, June 1st. Many new families are visiting and would love to talk to current families about CBA! The event is from 5-6:30. Let Mrs. Shepard know if you would like to attend or send me an email and I'll let her know. Thanks!

Enjoy your weekend and Memorial Day. See you Tuesday!


Ms. Steinberg, Mr. Alex

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