Teaching Film as Text

Resources for the English classroom

Film Study Guides

These sites provide free access to a vast range of film study guides and teacher resources. The study guides include activities and discussion ideas relevant to specific films.

Short Films for Analysis

The websites below contain many short films that are great for analysis. Teachers could use a clip as an introduction to film techniques, study a film as a unit by itself, or ask students to choose a film and present their findings to the class. 'Tropfest' contains short films voted 'the best' in Australia and is a great medium for introducing Australian film to students.

Resources: Production elements

Resources: for students

These sites are great starting points for students to begin understanding the metalanguage of film. It is easy to navigate and there are lots of pictures for the visual learners!

Resources: For teachers

These websites provide teachers with resources for teaching film and include links to many other useful websites. You can search for specific resources and access a range of free powerpoints, activities and worksheets.