Twin Bluff January Update

We are Safe, Kind & Responsible

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A quick word from Mr. Palmatier

Dear TBS Families,

We are in unprecedented times for education, well, for just about everything. Synchronous learning, masks, quarantining, rapid testing, and the list goes on. That said, there are plenty of places at TBS that look "normal." Here is a snapshot of a day at TBS:

  • Mrs. Johnson's class (Kindergarten) played "O" or "no." (a vowel game).
  • Ms. Harteneck's class (Grade 1) was practicing their fact families (math).
  • Mr. Will's class (Grade 2) was working on vocabulary and spelling.
  • Mrs. Flynn's class (Grade 3) was listening to a read-about: The One and Only Ivan.
  • Mrs. Anderson's class (Grade 4) was practicing division.
  • Ms. Marek's class (Grade 5) was using context clues to figure out the meaning of the word "critical."
  • Mrs. Weess' class (Grade 6) was reviewing customary units of measure vs metric units of measure.
  • Ms. Stokes was playing Battleship with students (a crowd favorite)
  • Some Grade 3 boys were throwing snowballs at recess (still not allowed!)

Thanks for your patience this past year and I look forward to working with you and your student(s) for the rest of the school year.


Chris Palmatier, TBS Principal


What is a Flexible Learning Day?

Flexible Learning Days ***SNOW DAYS***

In the event of an inclement weather or snow day, the Superintendent will call a Flexible Learning Day.

A Flexible Learning Day means a school day where RWPS will offer access to online instruction or prepared activities provided by students’ teachers during inclement weather. Flexible Learning Days won’t replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers but it can provide better continuity when school is interrupted. There are a maximum of five flexible learning days per school year.

For grades K-6, students have been provided a packet of choice work to be completed within a week of the called snow day. If their work is not completed and turned in to the classroom teacher, the student will be marked absent for the day. That work can also be accessed here:

FastBridge Testing January 10-14, 2022

What is FastBridge?

FastBridge is a set of reading and math assessments that teachers use to measure student learning. FastBridge scores help teachers to know what kind of teaching each student needs to help them grow, both individually and as part of the whole class.

Please complete this form...

Red Wing Public Schools needs families to fill out the Application for Educational Benefits. Even if you don't think you qualify, you can still complete the form. Many families can help us generate additional money for our schools from the state.

Additionally, if you qualify, you may receive discounts through the Athletics and Community Ed. Departments.

The application is attached and can be completed online, through the foodservice page at Thank you for your time and consideration.

Direct additional questions or concerns to Melinda Johnson at 651-385-4520 or

Get your Skates on!

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Mask up TBS

As our numbers of positive COVID cases continue to go up, we are asking for your help in talking with your students about the importance of wearing their masks. When going through the close contact protocol to decide who needs to be quarantined, one factor which is considered is whether or not the student wears their mask correctly throughout the day AND while on the bus. Please continue to send your students to school with a mask and encourage them to wear it correctly during their time around other students.

Free Money for our School

Box Tops are now digital! You can help our school raise funds to help students by enrolling in the program. It is free and an easy way to help the school earn money by scanning the groceries you already pay for!

Notes from the Nurse

Update to Student Vaccination Policy

If a family can show proof of vaccination of a student, they will not have to quarantine unless they are symptomatic. Please provide vaccination records to the school nurse if you would like to keep your student in school after exposure.

Student Health Screening Checklist

Each day before your child comes to school, it is important to do a quick assessment of his/her health. Please take a few minutes to review the documents linked below, as they contain very important COVID safety information.

Parents are required and responsible for:

  • Screening their children for COVID symptoms each day Screening checklist
  • Keeping their children home if they are sick
  • Calling the school's attendance line (651-385-4550) if they are sick or have COVID-related symptoms
  • Reporting COVID symptoms, diagnosis, or exposure to the district
  • If parents have questions, contact Joni Gorman at or Shanda Jorgensen at
  • For more information on our RWPS policies please view the RWPS 2021-2022 Learning Plan

Please understand that any child who is exhibiting or complaining of symptoms that resemble those of COVID will be sent home. Our school nurse will always err on the side of caution to keep our school safe for everyone.

Care Clinic COVID Test Results

The school district cannot accept test results from the Care Clinic here in Red Wing. Their tests are Rapid (Antigen) tests that are not sent for cultures. Rapid tests that are not PCR tests can show a false negative. We can only accept PCR tests. Mayo does a Rapid test but theirs is a Rapid PCR test and we can accept these results. Please see this link to the Minnesota Depart of Health that explains the difference between the types of tests.

If you have questions please contact Briana Smith, TBS School Nurse @ 651-385-4535

Helpful Numbers to Know

Twin Bluff School Office --> 651-385-4530

Attendance Line --> 651-385-4550

Kids Junction direct phone line --> 651-385-4633

First Student Bussing Questions --> 651-388-8244

District Transportation Route Questions --> 651-385-4795


Please use the Attendance Line 651-385-4550 or email to leave messages about appointments and late arrivals for your students. We prefer that you not email teachers because they may not see the email if there is a substitute. Thank you.


Click the links below for important information about Twin Bluff School and Red Wing Public Schools. Please pay special attention to the District Handbook and the Twin Bluff Expectations & Procedures. Both documents contain important information and are a great reference for many frequently asked questions!
TBS Expectations and Procedures

Great resource to answer any general questions you may have about TBS

Red Wing Public School 21-22 Calendar

What's coming up? What days are off?

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

What's on the menu today?