Please Stop Laughing At Me.

-Jodee Blanco-


The book, Please Stop Laughing At Me, introduces a well-known topic. The topic is bullying. The main character, Jodee Blanco, let's us see in the eyes of a victim. Her elementary years were beyond perfect. Though nothing good ever seems to last. When fifth grade came around she decided to help out the special needs kids but no one in her grade found it very "cool." They showed her and the children disrespect almost daily. Jodee had hope that everything would get better someday, somehow. As years go by, the bullying never seems to stop. She switches schools constantly in look of a new start. When high school rolls around she sticks with one and decides to stop running away from her problems. Though she never had to courage to do something about it, she still fought through it. She soon became depressed and was desperate for the school year to end. Thankfully, the school year ended and her career took off. She became a writer and is best known for this book because it was based on true things that happened to her as a victim of bullying. She shows the reader how good things can come from bad.

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco is the narrative of this book. She was a confident girl who had to put up with bullying her entire life. Jodee was strong and hopeful. She believed something would change and even though it didn't during her school years, it did after. She was an outcast but the thought of her still caring about others made her special in her own way. Jodee even tells the reader "People tend to consider being vulnerable a bad thing. It's not. Vulnerability reminds us that we're human." She takes a bad title and turns it into something that people should be proud of. It tells us what kind of person she is.


Jodee Blanco faces a conflict between herself and society. She was not able to be accepted by society because she was different from all of the others. A quote from the book that supports this would be The hardest part about being an outcast, isn't the love that you receive, it's the love you long to give that nobody wants. (Blanco, pg.128)"


The meaning of this book could be that innocent teasing could have a major impact on someones life. If you see it happening you should stand up for the victim, even if you're standing alone. It also shows how the reader should pay more attention to what goes on in your child's life. Jodee was believed to be the reason no one liked her but in the end it wasn't even partially her fault.

Textual Evidence

The quote: “Am I going to be this way for the rest of my life, always waiting for something bad to happen? Will I never truly be able to trust anyone? I worry that when I'm older, I'll be so afraid that people won't like me that I'll have trouble believing it when they actually do.” is a very important part of this book. It shows what damage her schoolmates actually did to her. She was so worn down that she was planning to have a terrible future. The message a reader could take away from this is to find the problem and solve it. Sometimes all there is to do is ignore.

Book Review

I would rate Jodee Blanco's book, Please Stop Laughing Me, a 4 out of 5. I believe the author did well teaching it as a true story. She didn't make anything unbelievable. Doing that makes it so the reader can connect and feel the same way as Jodee did. The only thing I didn't like was the topic she choose. Her message was great but I thought since bullying doesn't always happen to everyone and there are different types of bullying, it wasn't as relatable, she did the stereotypical bullying.

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