The United States of America

The Introduction

The Introduction Of The United States

The United States is located in the middle of the tropic of cancer and the arctic circle, it is at the left side of the maps you see. It is in the continent North America.
It's landscape varies across the large country from the tropical beaches in Florida and across all the countries and cites between the landscape to the mighty Mississippi river!
The United States of America is the worlds 3rd largest country and almost the 3rd largest in terms of population!The Americans are all immigrants.
A long time ago native peoples lived across the United States, In the early 17th century the Europeans displaced them.

The U.S

In many countries and city's we have our own culture. In the U.S we have lots of interesting cultures!

The United States Of America

The Rose

In the U.S we have lots of symbols, one of the symbols in the U.S is the rose! It symbolizes love and beauty. It has been in America for 35million years.It was first found as a kind of medicine by the ancient Americans. In the U.S we have the color red, pink, yellow and white roses.
People found out that the rose include the vitamin C, E and K.

The Liberty Bell

The liberty bell symbolizes freedom in the United States.The bell is now located in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania commissioned the bell from England. The bell first cracked during a test ringing. The bell recast twice. It has lots of names such as Province bell and State house bell.

The Bald Eagle

Another symbol in the U.S is the bald eagle. The bald eagle symbolizes freedom,courage and strength. The bald eagle can only be found in North America!
The bald eagle is the national bird of north America.


There are many famous structures in the U.S, the most famous federal prison is the Alcatraz .It is 1.5miles off shore from San Francisco.
In 1907 the first prisoners arrived on the island,people found out that no prisoners successfully escaped!
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El Brujo

There is a archaeological sight at the El Brujo, It's name means witch doctor. It got it's name from the shamanic rituals. The El Brujo is located on the coast of Peru near Trujillo. The site of El Brujo is most famous for a mummified women known as the lady of Cao. It was first found there at 2006, people thought she is aged between 25-30 years old.
These structures and symbols are still used and seen these days!
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