The App Features

Unlocking your Stories. Episode 1

The stories

Publishing stories in the App is straightforward.

We describe through 3 episodes in SMORE format some of the most important things you can do with the App, and we will show you how to do it through a series of short videos and images with explanations.

General concepts:

Geolocation with the mobile phone:

The App, when used with your mobile phone, automatically geolocate you in the position you are in. The App uses Google Map layers of information that we have customized to give you a better experience.

Geolocation from your computer:

When you use the App via web format at home, office, or anywhere, Google Maps geolocate you through your IP Address.

The App features enable you to put a PIN on the map to place your Story, including videos, photos, emojis, or text. That particular feature allows you to publish through multiple devices.

My Story:

My Story is identified with a graphic "face emoji " or My Story in the main menu.

You post your Story in the same way you do on any other social media. Your Story is always connected to an experience of any kind that you want to bring to light.

From a place to something that happened to you at a particular point, to a cultural heritage event, a corner of your city when you met someone for the first time, the fresh smell from a bakery that triggers a childhood memory, a dream you have or a building that no longer exists. No limits. All stories are welcome because cities are made of hidden stories written daily.

Your Story is about an emotion in a particular point of the city that is geolocated. You tell the Story with text, emojis, photos or video. Your Story is part of a significant urban tapestry component enabling new emotional thematic maps to interact with locals and visitors.

Anyone can interact with your Story by sending private messages, posting comments on the Story and emotions, connecting your emotions with their emotions, co-creating new stories, and much more.

In the same way, you can interact with all the Stories.

The App interface is multilingual, and Google translates the Story to English from almost any language.

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The Main Menu

You can enlarge the video to full screen when watching.

All videos demo have no sound on purpose.

With the photo, we explain the details. With the videos, you see how it works.

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Home always refer to the main page. You can access home by clicking on the House icon.


The map is the very key feature is where you locate your Story. More functionalities are explained when we talk about Posting your Story


The Routes are coming soon on version 2.0 of the App. It will enable you to create your specific and personal emotional routes to the city.

Routes 1


My Stories are your stories. You can access your Stories from the graphic menu by clicking on the emoji.


Every time you like it very much a Story you can make it your favourite. Create your collection from different authors.


We have created four reward categories because we believe readers must reward the writer of the stories.

"The authors who write them and the readers who read them, connect us with our stories and connect our stories with each other"


These are legal documents to protect the authors from misuse and comply with the law. Policies are updated time by time.


Under PROFILE we have three main areas. You have to register in order to post your stories. You can edit at anytime this information.


The flags represent the language interface. Anytime you click in flag the language change. We are adding more languages all the time.
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Now watch the video.

Additional Menus

You can filter the stories for different categories

All, videos, photos, emotions, messages, texts or select the TOP10 stories voted by the readers.

Additional emotional filters can be done.

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