All About Kerry

My Story All Wound Up Into One

Where I'm From

My birthday

I was born in Lawrenceville, GA at 2:30 A.M. on April 3rd, 2001.

My Interests

I have many hobbies including cheer leading, singing, and any kind of art. I like to have fun but also dislike having to wait to the last moment to get the hard work done.

Where I'm From Poem

I am from laughs,

and all night jokes in Lawrenceville.

I am from late nights,

to singing in church.

Cold winter nights,

with stars like diamonds,

that only glisten while

the brightest and hottest,

candles shine on them.

I am from family sayings,

and small childhood songs.

I am form early church mornings,

from hymns and scriptures.

I am from worship,

that speaks to me,

and says that i shall never be lost.

I'm from the sweetest tastes,

from southern food that tastes like honey

in the cool afternoon breeze.

From a strong family,

through all of the tough times,

that seem to never want to end.

Giving to my family,

even the smallest amount of joy,

brings happiness into my life.

These are the moments,

that show who we are,

and who we will be.

Encyclopedia of my Life



Chop, chop, chop. Say goodbye to the redskin outsides and the core. Oh, and don't forget the insides all have to be cubed. Mmm the sweet taste has finally reached my my taste buds. Being picky makes things harder but it is way worth it!



Hmmm, which one, which one? There are only 9 8 counts that you have to perform! How could you possibly forget the cheer! It's one of the main parts of the routine! Oh that our cue? Well here goes nothing..5,6,7,8.



Do, do ,re, do, do, re, mi..This tryout is a breeze. La, ti ,do!! Oh no..wait what? An octave higher Re! That's practically impossible! Well, I guess there's always room to grow right??



Ooooh! A brand new red sweater from Forever 21! These boots are cute too but-oh...they don't match. Hmmm, let's try it with these KED'S. That doesn't seem to work either. Looks like I'm gonna have to wear my TOM'S, no big deal. Yay! They match!

Personality Analysis

I have learned that since I am Aries, I am outgoing, also that since I am the youngest child I am free-spirited, and finally, that since I am that Zodiac snake I don't jump into situations. I know that I am outgoing because when I was little, in my pre-K class, if I did not know someone I would just randomly walk up to them and tell them my name. I have also learned how free-spirited I am because I now remember when I was younger I was told SPECIFICALLY how to play certain games or even just run through some sprinklers. But I always made the executive decision to do these things MY way. Lastly, I learned that I truly DON'T jump into situations. I know this because any time I buy anything or choose anything with importance in the least, I take FOREVER to decide. I disagree with "signs" and "birth order" personality tests because to me, they don't say who you are because only you can decide that.

Personality Traits





5.Has many interests

Deep Meaning Response Paper

You know how everyone has a passion, love, and reason to belong? Well, for me that's music. I believe that everyone should have something to care deeply about because it molds our image and identity of ourselves. Also, it gives us a sense of belonging where we can express ourselves and not feel embarrassed. Lastly, caring deeply about something lets people have something to do in life that makes us stronger and wiser as we grow older.

Furthermore, my belief gives me a reason to belong and helps me with all of my troubles. Music just brings color into my life and lets me show my personality to the world. Also, music conveys my feelings and helps me truly understand the problems and joys in my life. My belief in music allows me not only feel related to others, but also enables me to understand others' problems too. Finally, music is an aid for me to understand that I am not the only person going through a difficult time.

My belief in music helps me feel like I belong with the friends I have made currently. The lyrics of the music I listen to show me that I have made the right decision to have certain people as my friends. In addition, the lyrics prove to me how I connect with them in many ways. Music also enables me to understand some things that I can't explain about myself and my identity. To me, music is me culture, passion, and desire all combined into one.

Phillip Phillips: Home (Lyrics)