Cyber Bullying


Why do people Cyber bully?

People Cyber bully beacuse they have personal dramas with their families or friends or both. They are also sometimes insecure about themselves and bullying can help them take their anger out on somebody other than themselves. Bullying can make people feel as though they are "bigger" and better than others who play the victim. Putting others down who arent as popular or as big as the bully, can make them feel on top and better about themselves.

Who can you ask for help?

There are so many people you can go to for help when you are being cyber bullied. Your parents are usually the first option. Parents know you personally and can help you with dramas that others can not. Though, you can also ask your friends or other family members, such as older brothers, sisters, cousins, or other extended family. If you are being severely Cyber bullied and you cannot think of any other solution, you can also speak to a counsellor, or call the Kids Helpline on; 1800 55 1800.

Why is it important for you to ask for help?

It is extremely important for you to ask for help because if not, your cyber bully can take things to the next level. They can do this by not only Bullying you online, they can track you down and either physically abuse you or worse. By telling someone what you are going through can keep you from being physically harmed by this person. Once again you can call the kids hotline on; 1800 55 1800.