ACE Presentations

Help us Celebrate the Good Work of the ACEs!


Freshmen Poster Presentations

Sophomore Panel Discussions

Junior Digital Stories

Light refreshments will be served.


Location: Bloomington City Hall (Showers Building)

Sunday, April 13th, 3-5:30pm

401 North Morton Street

Bloomington, IN

Advocates for Community Engagement (ACEs)

The ACE Program provides Advocates for Community Engagement (ACEs) who serve as liaisons between service-learning students, local agencies and organizations, and faculty. Each ACE serves with a specific agency coordinating service-learning students, communicating with faculty, and engaging in the daily life of the agency. ACEs are an integral component of service-learning at IU, providing a link between faculty, students, and nonprofits. ACEs also help students reflect on the connections between their coursework, service and larger social issues. The ACE Program includes training for ACEs designed to facilitate the development of their professional, advocacy, communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills throughout their career as ACEs.