Summary of the Book

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Chapter One

The story starts off as Beatrice's mother cuts her hair for the aptitude test. After that, Beatrice has breakfast and goes to school with her brother Caleb. When they got to school, Caleb and Beatrice go separate ways. The aptitude test is after lunch. Beatrice sees the Dauntless jump off the train as she passes.

Chapter Two

This chapter starts by Beatrice waiting to be called for her aptitude test. When her name is called she goes into a room that she has never been in. Tori gave her a drink and put electrodes on her head. She then closes her eyes and the test began.

Chapter Three

Beatrice visions that there is a dog. There are two baskets one with cheese, the other with a knife. Beatrice lowers herself to the ground and surprisingly the dog doesn't bite her. The scene changes, and Beatrice sees a little girl that is being attacked by a vicious dog. Beatrice throws herself onto the dog and the scene changes again. This time there is a man he asks her if she knows somebody from the paper, she has a feeling she does but she lies and says she doesn't. The scene ends and Tori says Beatrice is divergent.

Chapter Four

Beatrice was walking home and she waited on the front porch for Caleb and his friends then when they came Beatrice made dinner and then her dad came. They talked at the table, about her dad's job and other stuff.

Chapter Five

In this chapter it is the choosing ceremony. There are 5 bowls, one for each faction. Beatrice waits until her name is called. Her brother has come to the bowls and chose Erudite. Beatrice came up and put a cut in her arm. Her blood drips on the carpet between Dauntless and Abnegation, then moves her hand to the Dauntless bowl.

Chapter Six

Beatrice had to jump on a train and then off it onto a roof after she became Dauntless. She also was the first to jump off a roof into a net. She met a friend, Christina. Beatrice's instructor, Four, asked her what her name was. She answered "Tris" and that was her new name.

Chapter Seven

In this chapter Tris has come to headquarters and they welcome them. The instructors say that the initiates will be ranked and, if you pass through all three stages, you will be Dauntless.

Chapter Eight

Tris was taught how to use a gun. Tris had to take a couple of tries to get in the middle of the target.

Chapter Nine

Tris doesn't get a partner to fight because there was an odd number of people. She waits until the all the fights are over. Next time, she will fight. Christina lost and she said she's done so Eric makes her climb over the railing and hang from it. She did it, but almost got killed.

Chapter ten

Today Tris fights Peter. She tries to beat him but lost. She was stuck in the hospital for a couple of hours.

Chapter eleven

In this chapter Tris just woke up and still in the hospital. Her friend, Christina, brings Tris breakfast. She had to jump on the train to go to class. She does it and when they get to the stop and waits for the other train. While she waits Four tells her techniques for fighting.

chapter twelve

Two days have passed since the fight with Peter. Tris has to fight again, but has an easy opponent, Myra, so this time she won. Then the Dauntless went on a field trip. They played capture the flag. They each had a paintball gun and a pack of paintballs. Tris came up with a plan. Tris started climbing up the Ferris wheel so she could see the other team. Four follows her. Tris almost fell, but Four came down and turned on the Ferris wheel. When she gets down she runs after the other teams flag. Christina follows. The flag is high and only Christina could reach it. Tris was to short. Tris met some new friends, Uriah and Marlene.

Chapter Thirteen

In this chapter the Dauntless have to throw knifes at a target. Like the gun, Tris had to take a couple of tries to get into the center. Al kept missing, so Eric made him stand in front of a target and Four had to throw knifes at him. Tris stood up for him. The third knife only stabbed her ear a little, but she was safe.

Chapter Fourteen

In this chapter it is the day before visiting day. Today she has to fight Molly. Tris won. She knew she won but still kept kicking and stepping on her.

Chapter Fifteen

Today is visiting day. Tris' mom comes and asks what her results were. She answers "I'm a--" Then she says "Don't say that word." It doesn't look like Tris' mother was surprised that she is Divergent. Tris' mother said that Tris had to visit Caleb. Tris figured out that her mother was Dauntless.

Chapter Sixteen

Al and Tris talk. Then they go to see the rankings. Tris is 6th. Al is 8th. Everyone goes to sleep. In the middle of the night Tris heard a scream. When they turned on the lights they saw Eric with a knife in his eye!!! Tris calms him down and waits for the doctor.

Chapter Seventeen

Tris had to scrub the floor to get the blood off. Uriah takes Tris to zip line off a building. Tris liked it. There was a net of hands that caught her. Tris passed the first stage of initiation.

Chapter Eighteen

Today is the start of stage two. They have to literally face their fears. The instructors put a needle through your neck and you get visions. Tris' vision was that crows were pecking her until she died. She had to relax her body so that she could end the vision. Tris had to let Four escort her back to the dormitories.

Chapter Nineteen

In the beginning of this chapter Peter reads an article about Tris' old faction, Abnegation, and she tried to attack Peter, but Will pulled her into the hallway. He said she shouldn't attack Peter because it doesn't have an effect. Tris replied "that was my old faction there talking about" Will replied, " That was your old faction" Four came up to them while he was drunk. Al carried her away back to the dormitories.

chapter twenty

Tris has to take another simulation test. This time she's stuck in a glass box filling with water. Tris broke the glass. Four knew that she is divergent because she broke the glass. Four said he would delete the footage.

Chapter twenty-one

Four days have passed and Tris had four simulations. Peter burning a fire at her feet, drowning in the ocean, watched her family bled to death, and she had to shoot her family. Today she had to shoot her family again. Uriah and his friends had to shoot a muffin off Marlene's head. There was a progress report and Tris got first place. During the night Peter, Molly, and Al blindfold her and almost threw her into the waterfall with sharp rocks, but Four saved her.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Tris wakes up where Four sleeps. Four and Tris talk about what happened last night. He said Tris should act weak so she won't get into anymore fights.

chapter twenty-three

Tris tells her friends about what happened. They promise to protect her. Four introduces the initiates to the fear landscape. Al tries to make Tris forgive him but she doesn't.

chapter twenty-four

Christina wakes Tris up. They go to the railing then they see Al's dead body. He jumped into the waterfall with sharp rocks. Tris feels it's her fault. She goes to Tori and she gives her some tea. They talk and then she has to go to lunch. Tris keeps her head down because she has to act weak. Eric says that we should give a toast to Al and everyone did. Tris went into a hallway and Four was there. He said that Al jumping over the ledge wasn't her fault.

Chapter twenty-five

In this chapter Tris has done all of her classes and sees Four walk across a hallway. Tris follows him. They go into the fear landscape. Four wants Tris to see his fears and figure out why his nickname is Four and what his real name was. The first fear was jumping off a high building. The next fear was that they were in a small space. When he overcame that fear they had to kill a lady that wasn't moving. He did it then, he had to be hit by a belt by his dad. Tris protected him. She figured out why they called him Four, because he had only four fears. In the last vision Four's dad was the one in the paper because his son, Tobias, transferred to Dauntless and Four was Tobias. Then, Tobias led Tris to another place.

Chapter twenty-six

Tris and Tobias walk toward the Pit, where Al died, They sit on a flat rock and talk. Then they kiss.

chapter twenty-seven

The next morning Tris is happy. She goes to breakfast and eats. She's hoping Tobias will look at her, but he doesn't. They go to the fear landscape to go through an instructors fear landscape. They each got one fear. Tris got the kidnapping fear. That fear becomes a fear of her own. Tobias yells at her for not overcoming it. Tris hits him hard and says "shut up."

chapter twenty-eight

Tris visits her brother and asked him to research the simulation serum. Jeanine came to ask her some questions. Tris lied about that she believed in the Erudite articles. Tris comes back and Eric is mad but Tobias came and took her. They talked about that Erudite might create a war between the factions and that she should meat him at night. Then she went back to the dormitories and Cristina said that Will kissed her. She meets Tobias, and they wait until their stop will come. They are going to Erudite headquarters.

chapter twenty-nine

Today is the initiation day. She has to face her fears to pass the test. In the chapter she faces her previous fears.

Chapter thirty

In this chapter she faces some new fears, like getting kidnapped. Then she faced shooting her family with a gun at her head. She let herself be shot than her family.

chapter thirty-one

Eric said that she was successful with her test. He injects her with an orange-brown serum. Then she goes to the party. Then Tobias and her talk in his room then kiss. He shows her his tattoos.

chapter thirty-two

Eric shows the score board. Tris is first. Tris figured out that the serum they injected in her was to mind-control the Dauntless.

chapter thirty-three

Tris was asleep then woke up. Everyone looked like they were sleepwalking, or mind-controlled. Tris acts like them and follows them. Eric was working with Erudite. The mind-controlled Dauntless had to kill Abnegation. Erudite found out that Tobias and Tris were Divergent.

chapter thirty-four

They took Tobias and mind-controlled him. Tris was knocked out.

chapter thirty-five

Tris awoke in a glass tank. It started to fill up with water. Tris' mother saved her. She told her to go to her dad and Caleb. Tris ran and her mother fended them off. She got killed.

chapter thirty-six

Tris got to dad and Caleb and told them what had happen. They started to go to Dauntless Headquarters.

Chapter thirty-seven

Tris, her dad, and Marcus jumped off the roof into Dauntless headquarters. They meet Peter along the way. He joins them. Then they see Tobias, mind-controlled, at the computer.

chapter thirty-eight

Tobias tried to kill Tris but got a gun and gave it to him.

chapter thiry-nine

Tobias got out of mind-control because he heard Tris' voice. They go shut down the computer and take the chip that was in there. Then Tobias meets his dad, Marcus that he left.


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