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November 10, 2017

Our Flight Pattern

Welcome to the E.H. Greene Intermediate School Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoons.

Attendance Line: (513) 686-1756


November 17 - Progress Reports Sent Home

November 20 - Canned Food Drive Ends

November 22-24 - No School for Fall Break

Optional CogAT Testing

An optional administration of the CogAT for gifted service will be offered on Friday, December 15, 2017.

Who should take this test?
1) Current 5th grade students who are NOT in Accelerated Math or Advanced Language, but have 2 scores of 95th percentile or higher on their Math or Reading MAP within the last 12 months. These 5th grade students should register for the test and will need to score a 128 on the CogAT for placement into 6th grade Accelerated Math and/or Advanced Language.

2) Current 5th or 6th grade Accelerated Math students who are interested in taking Double Accelerated Math and have 2 scores of 98th percentile or higher on their Math MAP within the last 12 months. These students should register for the test and will need to score a 144 on the CogAT for placement into 6th or 7th grade Double Accelerated Math.

Unless testing for Double Accelerated Math, current accelerated students do NOT need a CogAT score to re-qualify for Advanced Language or Accelerated Math. Nor is the CogAT needed for any junior high placements (with the exception of Double Accelerated Math).

If your child meets the above criteria and you would like to have him/her tested, please click on the link below to register for CogAT Testing by Monday, December 11th.

CogAT Test Registration


Thank you to all the volunteers, staff, and students for helping to make it such an awesome day! This has been our most successful year yet for Walkathon money raised. Letters have gone out to families of students who have raised $100 or more. Please return by November 21st to let us know how you'd like your name displayed on the plaque. If you did not get one, but think you raised $100 and should have, please contact Carrie Dippold at

PBIS at Home- Be a Problem Solver

How many times have you heard, “Mom, I can’t find….” or “Dad, I don’t have….” or “Grandma, can you...for me?” We’ve all heard these phrases a hundred times a day, right? The easiest and quickest solution? Find it, get it or do it for your child! You’re on your way out the door to soccer practice and you need the soccer cleats NOW! Your child is not sure what’s for homework, so you hop on the teacher’s website to look it up for them!

Yes, the task gets done, but has your child learned anything? Will he be able to help himself the next time this problems arises? The answer is NO. Your child needs to take responsibility and think through how to solve that problem.

So what’s the right answer to “I can’t find/don’t have….”? The answer is “Hmmm, that is a problem. How can you solve that?” You’ll be surprised at how much your children can solve on their own! If they’re truly stuck, try guiding them to possible solutions, but don’t give it TO them. You want your child to really think through ways to solve the problem and think through the possible consequences (either positive or negative) to those solutions.

Does this take longer? Absolutely! Might you be late to soccer practice? Maybe! Is it totally worth it in order to raise a child who can think through solutions and consequences to his or her problems? 100% YES!

Here is a link to some guidance on walking your child through the problem solving process. Good luck!

Ohio Department of Education Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line: How to Save a Life Using the Phrase "4Hope"

In the age of smart phones, it seems that people, particularly youth, are fixated on text messaging as a means of communication. Despite having many hotlines to help young people cope with a mental health crisis, you traditionally have had to call into these services. Courtesy of Crisis Text Line, Ohioans of any age can text the phrase

“4Hope” to 741741 and receive a response from a live, trained volunteer within 5 minutes (“Code Orange” – more severe texts – are handled in an average of 1.8 minutes). Volunteers can then help the texter move from a moment of crisis to a calmer place.

How Does Crisis Text Line Work?

When a person texts “4Hope” to 741741, an algorithm immediately codes the language in the text using a triage-based system. This allows for those in more severe crisis to move to the front of the line. Once a message has been coded, it is passed, completely anonymously, to a volunteer. These volunteers have received 34 hours of training on how to help a person experiencing a mental health crisis. If a person indicates a need more severe than the volunteer is equipped to handle, it is given to the shift supervisor – a full-time, paid Crisis Text Line staff member with a higher degree in psychology, social work, or another related field. The only time a texter’s location is used is if Crisis Text Line must activate “active rescue” protocol. Active rescue allows the supervisors to contact local law enforcement in the texter’s area to notify them that a suicide attempt is imminent. Though Crisis Text Line can implement this procedure, they always first encourage the texter to reach out to emergency services on their own. Confidentiality is of utmost importance for Crisis Text Line. Texters and volunteers do not learn each other’s names. Further, the phrase “Crisis Text Line” never shows up on a phone bill and there are no charges for data.

What Can You Do?

Spread awareness in your schools, home and communities. Crisis Text Line offers a battery of free materials for publicity including logos, posters, and tear-off flyers. See the Crisis Text Line School Toolkit.

Posters/Flyers – You can put posters, stickers, and flyers in your school. You can use what you find in the toolkit (link above), or make your own! You can post flyers and posters in counseling offices, libraries, bathrooms, classrooms, student centers, and other high-traffic areas of the school.

Giveaway Items - Add the keyword and number (Text 4HOPE to 741741) to items that you give to all of your students, such as wristbands, lanyards, planners, and even student IDs.

Distribute Information – Inform teachers and parents about Crisis Text Line and give teachers one-pagers of information and a stack of cards with the number on it. Instruct teachers to distribute information to their students.

Events and Activities – Put up a banner with the number on it at school events or put the number in the program at school events, sports games and tournaments, etc.

Listservs & Email Newsletters – Include information in email blasts to campus groups, clubs, parents, and students in order to provide information to these groups.

Website - Feature Crisis Text Line prominently on your website, on a home page scroller or in a resource listing.

Emergency Protocol – Any messaging that goes out to students in the event of emergency or crisis (campus death, assault, natural disaster, etc.) should include information about reaching out to Crisis Text Line for support.

Publications – Publicize Crisis Text Line in publications, blogs, and social media messages for students and families.

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Please sign up to donate to support the luncheon for Winton Hills Academy Staff. Winton Hills Academy (WHA) and Sycamore Schools have enjoyed a “sister school” relationship for over a decade! This is the 2nd consecutive year that E.H. Greene has joined the sister school relationship with WHA.


  • an amazing inner city elementary within the Cincinnati Public School District
  • educates 400 students, grades K-6
  • 100% of students qualify for free or reduced price breakfast and lunch
  • has no PTO, so they appreciate anything we do to support, encourage and thank their staff and teachers

Sign Up Genius

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Sycamore HS Variety Show

Sycamore High School Hosts Variety Show November 18th @ 7p in the Auditorium. Tickets $10 available pre-sale at starting November 1st, and at the door. Family ticketing available too! Nuclear families up to a family of 5 for $30. Family ticketing available at in-person sales only (11:36a - 12:36p in the HS Commons on November 16th and November 17th) and at the door.

Acts feature groups and soloists who are members of the student body including vocal and instrumental groups, cool human tricks, gymnastics, a performance by all choral ensembles and more! Proceeds benefit the Sycamore Vocal Boosters.

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Aviation Station is coming to your neighborhood!

The Aviation Station will be rolling into your neighborhood to provide Homework Assistance, STEAM activities, and free wifi on the following days each week of the school year:

Mondays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Fields Ertel Townhomes

Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Hazelwood Community Center

Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Sycamore Terrace

Thursdays 4:00-6:00 p.m.: Blue Ash Kohl’s parking lot (Plainfield & Hunt Roads)

If you would like your child to participate in this free service, please fill out the permission form and return it to your child’s school prior to the day of the Aviation Station visit in your community. For more information regarding the Aviation Station, please visit our website at

Greene School Activity Brochure

Is your child looking to get involved at the Greene School? Below is a link to our 2017-2018 Activity Brochure. You will find information on all of our clubs, including the dates they meet. Please tell your children to watch our video announcements for information on how and when to sign up.

2017-2018 Activity Brochure

Pictures for the Yearbook

Calling all parents! Those cell phones take great pictures! When you capture a moment at the Greene School that you are proud of, PLEASE email the picture in its ORIGINAL SIZE to

At the music program, kids having fund together, walk a thon, carnival…as long as it is Greene students, pass it on so we can fill our yearbook with some great photos! Don’t wait til the end of the year! Email your photos right away! THANK YOU!!