Hailey's Red River Carts

Ride now this is your fastest way to get places!


  • It was one of the earliest settle ments by the Europeans.
  • The carts made their first appereance in 1801 at Fort Pembina.
  • Each wheel was said to have its own peculiar shriek.


  • Makes it easy to haul buffalo skins and meat after buffalo hunts
  • Good for transportation and shelter during long trips and migration
  • To get to homesteads
  • Good for exporting furs
  • To transport supplies from larger communities
  • A defense mechanism during battles with the SIoux Indians


  • Water can cause problem at the coast.
  • Costs more money


Impact on North Dakota

  • Fur trading became easier
  • Métis people grew more in numbers.
  • More horses were used to pull these carts.

How did it help settle the west?

  • It was easier for them to carry more weight with the carts than it was with their own hands and body parts.
  • It also made it easier to haul buffalo meats and animal hides.
Red River Carts