Roanoke River Basin

by: Abbie Lenhart & Amada Sandoval

Roanoke River Basin

As it flows through rich plains and mountain ranges, and stretches across Virginia and North Carolina, it provides much life for animals and plants that live in and around the basin. The Roanoke river basin drains the sediments from upstream and leaves a blanket of soil on the forest floor. I was once called the "river of death" because its floods once killed many Native Americans, but is now full of life.


The Roanoke river basin flows through southern Virginia and north central North Carolina. The headwaters is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the mouth is connected to the Albemarle Sound.

Length of the Roanoke River basin

-410 miles long

-2213 miles of streams and rivers

-81671 acres of lakes

-17 counties within the basin


The population of the Roanoke river basin is about 289,784 people, as of 2010.

Important cities/places located in the basin

Five important places within the Roanoke river basin are Washington D.C., Plymouth, Winston Salem, Oxford and Greensboro. These locations are all located in and around the basin.

Nonpoint and point source pollution