Will's cookie shop

buy any type of cookies for 2:00, with 20 in each pack.

Types of cookies Will can make

Will can make chocolate chip, peanut, gingerbread,sprinkle,sugar,oatmeal,cinnamon,animal shaped,ginger snap,mint,snicker doodle, and many more types of cookies. If you give him a letter in his mailbox on Cantigny Way Tallahassee Florida, in the United States of America. 2077 is his address. Will would like to congratulate his sister and brother for there helpfulness with his cookies. Will and his siblings hope you enjoy your cookies, if you buy them.

Will's great cookies

If you ever have a chance to buy some cookies, please give us a letter in our mailbox at 2077 Cantigny Way, Tallahassee Florida. Please enjoy your cookies, and Jack has a bread sale, with homemade bread that is delicious. And Madeline has a pastry sale also. And if you want any of those, please send a letter to the same house that Will lives in, because they are brother and sister to each other. Thank you!
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