By: Jeffrey Salane

This Hook Will Make You Want to Read the Book!

M's is just a normal girl trying to get into a private school. Until this school, Lawless gives her a huge surprise! She's forced to be working for the wrong side of the law!


M is just a normal girl who lives a normal life in a normal house but, her dad is dead. She goes to an interview for a private school called Lawless. She is accepted and attends the school the next day! Later to find out her dad went there and he was a major student of course. Except the school is mainly to help people become masterminded thieves! Will she accept her identity and become a thief and will the law catch up to her? Find out the end by reading Lawless!

Reviews From Good Reads

Julia Isabel- I love this book! It has a very exciting plot line and I would highly recommend it. I want to go to Lawless school, except for the fact that it is for criminals. The classes sound very fun and exciting. If you enjoy this book, I would read H.I.V.E. They are very similar and are both very good. Also, H.I.V.E. focuses more on boys whereas lawless more hones in on girls.

Lydia-This book was amazing! I absolutely loved the humor about the ending-unexplained so there are no spoilers-and the characters were fabulously designed. I felt a little disappointed when most of the questions asked in the book weren't answered by the ending, and I know there will be another book but still there ought to be more answer's than that... :) otherwise great job Jeffrey Salane!

Lawless Jeffery Salane
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