Smith Friday Email

Smith Mission

Smith Staff will collaborate to inspire and connect to each child by knowing every name and need to ensure success.


4th Grade Team - Thanks for taking the DRA kits and taking running records on all students. You are being so proactive with differentiation for all students!

Midge - Thanks for taking the DRA kits and taking running records on all students. You are being so proactive with differentiation for all students!

1st and 5th Grade Teams - Your backwards planning and planning guides are phenomenal! Thanks for being consistent with sharing those with us. We can easily reference the work you are doing as a team.

Lisa Baril, Lauren Tucker and Lisa Lindsey - You were spotted in the front office facilitating late pick up for our students. Thank you for making sure students are taken care of!

Lindsey Corder - Thank you for S'More! I love this format for communicating. So fun!

Jen Baker - You created a fabulous Google Site! Thank you for creating an easy way to manage data tracking for students.

Important Dates:

September 7 – Labor Day Holiday

September 9 - 3:20-4:50 Committees (All Staff In Cafe)

September 10 – 6:00 pm WatchDOG Meeting in Café, 7:00 pm Pine Cove Parent Meeting

September 11 - Patriot Day - Encourage all students to wear red, white and blue

September 19 – Super Saturday

September 24 – 6:00 pm General PTA Meeting/Stampede Warm –Up/Sno-Cones (Run a lap, get a cone) – Change of Date

September 29 – Curriculum Night (5:30-6:30 K, 2, 4 6:30-7:30 1, 3, 5)

October 1 – All District Required Trainings Must Be Complete (sent in an email on 7/21/15).

Patriot Day - Friday, September 11

HB 1501 requires a moment of silence on 9/11:

On September 11, each year the date falls on a school day, public schools will invoke one minute of silence at the beginning of the school day in observance of the events that took place on September 11, 2001.

The district is recommending that no classroom discussion be held for K and 1 and a brief discussion for 2-5. They also recommend conducting the minute of silence during Celebrate Smith following the pledges in place of the normal moment of silence. Here is what we will read during Celebrate Smith:

Today is Patriot Day in the United States and First Responders Day in Texas, a day to honor the lives and the memory of those who died in the September 11, 2001, attacks on our nation and those first responders who committed acts of great bravery during the events of that day.

As we prepare to observe our moment of silence at this time, let us remember and honor the men and women who lost their lives 14 years ago– let’s also remember those heroes who courageously worked to save the lives of others, and let us not forget those who were left behind.

ARD Meeting Reminders

If you have an ARD meeting scheduled, please remember the following:

*Parents and Admin are the only people who check agree/disagree (change for this year).

*Please keep all beverages, etc. on the floor or on windowsill. This creates a more professional environment for parents.

Microsoft Outlook - Clutter vs. Junk

From Microsoft:

We've added an awesome new feature that helps filter your low-priority email—saving time for your most important messages. We call it Clutter. Clutter looks at what you've done in the past to determine the messages you're most likely to ignore. It then puts them here, in the Clutter folder. Just keep using email as usual and Clutter will learn which messages aren't important to you. From time to time, Clutter might get it wrong. You can move the messages we've incorrectly identified as clutter to your inbox, and Clutter will take notice.

What I'm Studying...

Have a fabulous 3 day weekend! Well deserved!