Currently Origami Owl does not have a set fundraising program, so it is essentially up to you as the Independent Designer to decide on how much you want to give back to the organization or cause. It is a great way to spread the word about your business while also giving back to the community.

Some designers offer a % of sales and take it out of their commission. Some offer a package deal and give them $ per package ordered. Some offer the hostess rewards and then the organization can use the items to raffle at a silent auction.

If you decide to do a % of sales, then you could do a flat percentage, say 15% of sales, or you could even structure it similar to our current hostess rewards program to try to encourage them to hit that next level of sales. So donate 15% of sales up to $499 in sales, 20% up to $999 in sales, 25% if over $1,000 in sales. You can then enter in those orders as a Jewelry Bar and essentially you are writing them a check but getting back free product in exchange for same amount that you can then sell at retail later on.

Running a fundraiser is very similar to any other Jewelry Bar. You can decide if you want to do an actual Jewelry Bar at an event the organization is hosting, in the coordinator's home, on the playing field, etc. You could also set it up as a catalog or online Jewelry Bar, just ensure that you set up a Jewelry Bar in the system beforehand and give out the link and/or Jewelry Bar code. Of course you could also do a combination of all of them. I would work closely with the coordinator to see what you both feel would be best.

Our products relate to several causes/organizations...

{Silent Auction Samples}

{Fundraiser Flyer Examples}

Click here to download a free Fundraiser Flyer that you can add your organization and contact information to.

Click here for another option for a fundraiser flyer with package options. Can download to customize and print at printer of your choice or use their printer. Please review information at this link on how to update/order.


  • Create a locket or tagged necklace that represents the fundraiser and have it on hand or at least get a photo to show.
  • Offer a booking bonus, something like you will donate an additional $10 to the cause/organization if someone books a Jewelry Bar from you. You can then ask them if they want to continue it as a fundraiser or if they want to earn the hostesses rewards.
  • If the coordinator is doing a great job maybe reward her with something from the free product you earned.
  • Watch local publications or online for organizations that may be going on a trip or heading to a competition and are trying to raise funds. Look for a contact name and send them an email and/or call to find out if looking for fundraising opportunities.

Any Questions?

If you still have questions, contact your mentor and/or upline.