Fabulous Fourth Grade

Weekly Update (December 5, 2014)

This Week

Wow, 2 weeks left of school until Winter Break! We continue to work through our curriculum, and will also be taking our STAR Reading and STAR Math assessments as we do quarterly. The last week of school, students will be taking Washington School District's Quarterly Assessments in Science, Social Studies, ELA (English Language Arts) and Math.

Dec. 19th is our last day of the quarter, and thus, the LAST DAY TO MAKE AR goals.

Due to the "ice day" last Monday, to the we pushed our spelling test to this Monday, so remind your child to review for Monday's test.

Students learned two digit by two digit multiplication this week. Any continued practice you can provide them will be great!

The word-a-day words for NEXT week are: numerous, exact, candidate and unique.

Next week they will be writing personal narratives, so ask them what event from their life they have chosen to write about!


Uh oh, Mrs. Golder and other teachers will be making the pizzas, so come on by Papa Murphy's and pick up a pizza to bring home! 30% of the profits of a full-price pizza will go to our PTG! If that won't bring you in the door, come and see Buddy the Elf, who will be there from 5-7.

Wish List

A roll or two of holiday wrap and tissue paper - shhhh... it's a surprise. :)

Dates to Remember:

Dec. 9th 6:30 pm (Tues) - Holiday Programs (Grades K-3) Doesn't include Golder's class, but wanted to include this for families with children K-3.

Dec. 11th 4:00-8:00 (Thurs) - Papa Murphy Night!

Dec. 12th (Friday) Hat's on for $1

Dec. 19th (Friday) Modified Day - School dismisses at 11:45. END OF QUARTER and BEGINNING OF WINTER BREAK

January 5th (Monday) - School Resumes


Mrs. Golder

4th Grade Teacher

Labadie Elementary School

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