A Miracle on the Sea!

Lone survivor on cursed ship is saved

A Miraculous Miracle, or Deceitful Distortion?

Alone on a cursed ship, a lone survivor claims to have been saved by his deceased sailors. About to pass away from dehydration, the man known as the Ancient Mariner claims to have had his curse lifted by a group of rainbow snakes!

A Tall Tale on the Seven Seas.

Miracles are considered to be extremely rare in occurrence, but one man's claim to fame seems to be completely impossible. After being lost at sea for many days without any water or wind to guide the ship, the captain had to watch helplessly as his fellow crew mates passed away from dehydration. As the captain himself neared the end of his own days, he claims to have been inexplicably saved by a group of snakes of assorted color. In his words he claims that upon seeing these snakes, "A spring of love gushed from my heart, and I blessed them unaware." He had felt that his ship had been cursed before, but his blessing of the snakes which he was unaware of had lifted the curse from him indefinitely. Surprisingly enough, his strange recollection of the events was far from over. After visualizing the rainbow snakes, he fell asleep and dreamed of rain, which astonishingly ended up happening when he awakened from his much needed slumber. After collecting the rainwater, he noticed a "roaring wind" shaking his ships thin sails.

The Rise of the Dead?

This is when this old man's account of the events on his boat become extremely absurd. Amidst the rain and lightning, The Ancient Mariner noticed that the ship was moving, yet there was no wind to be found upon the sails. His explanation for this phenomena.....zombies. When he looked around the ship for an explanation for his ship magically moving, he was stunned. He described the event by saying, "Beneath the lightning and the moon the dead men gave a groan. They groaned, they stirred, they all uprose, nor spake nor moved their eyes." His deceased crew had been reanimated! Strangely enough, these newly reborn compounds of flesh weren't really "alive" but instead just went about their assigned tasks in a mechanical and efficient manner without speaking or acting like living human beings.
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Is the Ancient Mariner's Story True?

When asked to explain how he had survived on his ship alone, this was his explanation. Was he hallucinating from dehydration and exhaustion, or did his crew mates actually get possessed and steer his ship to safety? We may never know, but nevertheless his side of the story definitely serves to intrigue our imaginations.