Government project

By: Darius Wells and Diego Pineda


Monarchy will unite: Democracy will start a fight

What is the government type?

Our government type is constitutional monarchy's

Who holds power in this form of government?

The king, queen, and a small group has the power.

What are two facts about our government?

The king or queen has to pass law if the majority of people choose it, regardless of good or bad. People can vote for their representatives instead of the kings or queens.

What is one benefit our government?

The people can get to vote and have some freedoms

What is one disadvantage of our government?

They don't get all the freedom of the world and the kings and queens of the country get some rights to do what they want so it's 50% freedom and 50% not.

What other country has our type of government?

England is one of the country that's has constitutional monarchy.

Why is the government the best for that country

Our form of government is the best for Iraq because the people a leader to guide them to not fight over their religion and they can just either settle over one or just have peace. The great thing about constitutional monarchy is unlike democracy that doesn't last a while and defeat itself monarchy can have a leader to help decide something for you if the people are in a jiffy.

Details for how it can stabilize Iraq.

The government is to help people follow their rules and the king and queen is to set an example and bring smiles to the people. They won't care what religion you are in and what type of person you are.