Intermediate Staff Newsletter

For the Week of March 12, 2018

Dear Staff,

We are so lucky and blessed to work along side each of you! Thank you for your hard work this past week with conferences. Your dedication and support for students and families does not go unnoticed! We are entering that tricky time of year where its so important to finish strong and make each day count. With MAP testing and then OST around the corner, its so imperative we each RISE UP and Own our work, continue to get Better Every Day, and know that Together we are Stronger. We are excited to kick off E+R=O week in the near future with our students, and to teach them the R-Factor, and how our responses affect our outcomes. As always, we are here to support you every step of the way!

"The Truth is that Teamwork is at the heart of great achievement!"- John C Maxwell

We are blessed to have each of you as a member of our NAIS Team!

~Katie, Kate, & Barry

Supporting Our Students

The ENOUGH National School Walkout will be held across the nation this week on March 14th. While this has been predominately an issue at the High School and Middle School (many of our students will not be on campus at 10:00 am), it doesn't mean our students don't have questions. Our 6th graders will be given the opportunity to participate in a Peace Assembly at the Middle School during their first period elective on the late start on Wednesday. There is a great resource available on Newsela to help guide fact-based discussions with students if you feel it is appropriate. From Newsela: This March, we’re celebrating student voices. Students from across the country will be researching topics on Newsela and then writing letters to the editor expressing their opinion or making an argument. Below is a suggested pathway for supporting student voices in your classroom and a few articles you can assign as examples of students making their voices heard. This is the elementary version of Student Voice activities: Students Making Their Voices Heard. There are other resources on Newsela about Student Safety Issues and Student Voice. However, some of the resources/articles on Newsela would be more appropriate for secondary students. Read through article choices carefully before deciding to use with your class.

News to Share

1. It's here! Tomorrow and Tuesday we will be hosting the first ever Eagle's Inspired: Celebrating the Arts Showcase. We hope you can join us! While this event is focused on 4th and 5th grades-there will be a 6th grade event this Spring. Check out when your class is performing below and plan to visit the Art Show in the gym as well.
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2. The MAP testing window opens tomorrow. Make sure you have documented your testing times here. All accommodation information can be found here, including T and L schedules during testing so that you know if a group is canceled. Be sure that you have communicated with your families what days your class will be testing. As a reminder students who have been receiving T & L intervention supports will test in small groups, including 6th-grade students who take part in the after-school T and L groups. Students who have just recently been added such as 6th graders who receive pull out OST prep will take their test with their class unless they have 504 or IEP supports. It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure students receive the proper accommodations. Let us know if you have questions.

3. Here is the Google Doc Jess Mamais created to assist with MAP questions. A reminder if you are using the Text to Speech accommodation: Teachers are to set up the test session the day before. Text to Speech Accommodations need to be assigned the day of the test and prior to the student logging into NWEA. When a teacher clicks on their saved session, they can select the students that need TTS and then assign accommodations. Teachers will then have students login.

4. Tuesday's staff meeting will be our annual review of Testing Security and Ethics in preparation of our OST tests. We will meet in E wing at 8:30.

5. Wednesday is our last late start of the school year. You can access the agenda here. We will start the day in the E wing at 8:20.

6. March Madness is upon us! Do you have what it takes to be the Intermediate School March Madness champion? Join this free contest with prizes. See Barry's email from March 8. Here's the link to register:

Password: EaglesRise

This is open to everyone!

Week at a Glance

Announcements: E Wing- 4th Graders- See Pledge Schedule

Monday, March 12th- 8:30 Culture Committee; 5:30-8:00 Eagles Inspired

Tuesday, March 13th- Staff Meeting-OST Requirement; 5:30-8:00 Eagles Inspired

Wednesday, March 14th- 2 Hour Late Start

Thursday, March 15th- Science, Math 6, Math 5, Social Studies 6 Meetings 8:30

Friday, March 16th- R Factor Team Meeting (please get us your class groups prior to Spring Break)

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