Jefferson Elementary Art

Art Conference Update

Welcome to Art!

Thanks for taking the time to check out your students elementary art education. First, let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am Miss Ramirez (or Miss R., Miss Mona Lisa, Miss Art, or Miss Paint to name a few). I have been teaching art for 7 years and love it more and more each year! I teach art at Jefferson, Woodland Park, and Bel Air Elementary. As a teacher and a working artist my biggest love is helping children develop an appreciation for art. Art makes up our daily lives from the buildings we work in to the parks we play in and everything in between. As an art educator I want to show others that you can learn how to create art much like you learn to read. I hope that I can empower my students to be innovators and problem solvers through art. I am so excited about what we have created so far this year!

Stop in and check out our new art room!

This year the art room moved upstairs! We have our very own room and are working hard to decorate it. Come visit during conferences. I will be at Jefferson during conferences on Monday, Oct. 23rd from 4-7 and Thursday Oct. 26 from 2:30-4:00. Show me this page when you come in and your child will get a special art tool to use in creating art at home! My thanks to you for visiting during conferences! Hope to see you!

Art practice for home:

Muffalo Potato

Learn how to draw using numbers and letters from these kid friendly art videos.

Artist Toolkit

Explore the elements and principles of art through this site. Look at famous works of art and create your own.