My School Life

Enjoy what I experienced during my school years!


In Kindergarten, I attended Lister Elementary School in Garland, Texas. My teacher was Mrs. Bowman.

First Grade

In first grade, I remember being in class with my best friend. I attended Lister Elementary School

Second Grade

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade...

In fifth grade, I had a really cool teacher named Mr. Suarez. He did really cool science experiments with us!

Sixth Grade

In sixth grade, I attended Hudson Middle School. I remember when I was runner up in the spelling bee. The winner went to the next level and could not spell the word 'cilantro.'

Seventh Grade

In seventh grade, I attended Hudson Middle School as well. I remember being the Nurse Aide and having kids come in pretending to be sick, so I had to send them back to class.
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Eighth Grade

In eighth grade, I moved to Lone Oak and attended Lone Oak Middle School. I remember when one day being nice, I took everyone's trash to the trash can, after that everyone started calling me "Trash Lady."

Freshman Year :(

My freshman year was awful. Everyone was so rude and I had no friends. Other girls drug me into drama and made everyone think I was the one who did it.

Sophomore Year!! :)

My sophomore year was awesome! I actually had friends! I remember finding out that my best friend was actually related to me! Turns out, she was my cousin.

Junior Year

This is where my journey ends, I am only a junior now. I started the year at Lone Oak High School and moved to Commerce High School.