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System Technician Required


43 Esplanade, Redcar, Cleveland TS10 3AG

01642 484491

System technician

Arran Cummins

We are in search of a time served marine Technician, with rather in-depth knowledge of electronic system. As the work carried out will be vital to the lives of the men and woman using the equipment, it is imperative that any applicants have extensive experience in the field. Anyone who is qualified in the ways that we require but has not got any experience need not apply for this role.

A Full valid driving license will be required, as travelling from location to location to perform your duties will be a requirement, willingness to travel anywhere in the UK is essential. Any applicants wanting to be considered for the role who do not currently have a UK driving licence, will have to show a willingness to acquire one as soon as possible, as we would rather allow time for such a task for the ideal candidate.

Although this position will have a lot of time spent working in solitude. It is essential that you can work in a team, and converse well with your colleagues, to make sure that any work is handled swiftly and efficiently. Anyone who is incapable of working as a team will quickly be seen as a hindrance to the RNLI before they are seen an asset.

IT Support Helpdesk

BPI Polythene

BPI Ltd, Yarm Road, Stockton-on-tees, Eaglescliffe, Cleveland TS18 3RD

IT Support Help desk

Arran Cummins

Looking for a experienced IT technician who possesses extensive knowledge of active directories. This is essential as you will be regularly having to set-up new users on the system, and manage their usage on the companies domain. It is essential that you are capable of performing such tasks, as you are expected to be the leading authority on such operations, and any delays caused by a lack of working knowledge will potentially hinder the smoothness of which BPI can run as a business.

Previous knowledge of the windows 7 OS is essential, as that is the operating system dominantly used by BPI. And a good working knowledge of such will vastly improve any potential candidates chances of success in the role. Any potential applicants wanting to apply for this role without an extensive working knowledge of windows 7, would no doubt struggle to adjust as quickly as desired, and will need to be willing dedicate time of their own to furthering the ability in handling the desired OS

Although we are in search of a time served technician with a good understanding of existing systems, we at BPI use an extensive amount of unique and specialist software and hardware. Therefore the ideal candidate will have a keenness to learn, and the capacity to adapt to our specific systems.