Seventh man

Ana gonzalez

seventh man

Well in the story of ‘’The Seventh Man’’ written by Haruki Murakami. the seventh man does recover from his tragedy and he learns to live with the pain and tragedy that he went through when he was 10 years old. The Narrator starts off by talking in the story about his story as a 10 year old kid.(Murakami,356) later on throughout the whole story he uses flashback and imagery to illustrate K’s death. He talks about K and the way that the Narrator talks and describes K makes him sound so happy,earthly,and a peaceful person.The way that the Narrator talks about K. shows how much he truly meant to him because he describes K. with such a great and loving passion, also explains how their friendship was so close that the Narrator considered K a a close brother instead of a close friend. For example The Narrator talks about his childhood with K and all the memories that they had together before K’s death.The Narrator uses both imagery and flashback by giving out some type of mood to get the reader thinking. The Narrator describes how K as a great and loveable person to be around.(Murakami, 358) some imagery that the Narrator gives or points out is when the Narrator talks about K when he talks about K’s paintings and how he illustrates them and gives a great painted image in the reader's mind, This story of ‘’The Seventh Man’’ written by Murakami shows and illustrates that yes,you can recovery from a tragedy. The Narrator does recover from his awful tragedy of the ocean and waters.For so long the Narrator couldn’t get over his fear or in other words he couldn’t recover from his tragedy as quickly as he wanted to or as fast as he expect to get over his fear and loss.

Have you ever had a inner conflict with yourself? If so how would you have solved your inner conflict? Well in the story of ‘’The Seventh Man’’ The Narrator has a huge inner conflict. At the age of 10, the Narrator went through so much and one of his biggest inner conflicts had to do with losing his close friend which not only he considered as a friend but he mostly considered him as brother.While the seventh man was telling the story he describes that same day in which K had died.(Murakami,361) The Narrator also states how he has yelled at K saying ‘’I’m getting out of here’’. (Murakami,361). which he also says that when he yelled over at him since he was at a long distance from where he was that maybe he didn’t hear him.The Narrator feels that he could have done more to get K’s attention. In the story it also talks about how the Narrator describes the setting,which in the story he describes the earth shaking,and rumbling noises that the Narrator had heard while yelling over at K. When the Narrator decided to do something about the whole situation he decided to get up and run towards K. The Narrator also yelled and screamed at K, saying “Hurry,K.! Get out of there! The wave is coming!” surprising this time K heard the Narrator.(Murakami,362) The Narrator points out that after the wave swallowed K, he felt blame and his inner conflicts began, because the Narrator said that he could have possibly done more to save K’s life. For, forty years the Narrator had lived with a huge inner conflict, he lived with fears and everyday for his past forty years,the Narrator felt blame. The Narrator did have an inner conflict as it had been mentioned before,and he struggled for forty years,but whenever he decided to face his fears unexpectedly,he fought his inner conflict. the reason that the word unexpectedly was mentioned was because He had moved to the place where K, his best friend had died, and one day he accidentally fell into the water and as the Narrator had described his situation, he said that he didn’t move for a while and he said his arms and legs lost all sensation but at the end of the story he fought his inner conflict in other words he faced his fears