Joining requirements- Police

Process of becoming a Police Officer

There are many requirements that must be met for the job of police officer such as fitness or have the skills needed for the job. You will have to spend 2 years serving as a "student police officer", during this time you will have many training's and will learn about:

-Law (legislation)

-Policing methods

-Methods used for investigating crimes

Educational requirements

There are no formal educational requirements such as having GCSE's in subjects, although having GCSE's at grade C and higher in English and Maths would help a lot when applying for the job. You will need to pass tests from English and Maths to make sure they are meeting the acceptable standard.

Physical requirements

When applying to the Police Service, you will need to pass a fitness test. It is divided into two parts:

-Endurance test which will test your heart and lungs efficiency, there be a beep test involved and the minimum score required to pass 5.6

- Strength/Push and pull test, this tests your strength. You will have 3 warm up pull's or pushes and then you will be asked to do five with maximal effort put into it. You must do it with level 35 of weight (35 kilograms).

Other requirements

If you want to apply to the Police Service, you must be:

- A British citizen

- A foreign national but you must have no restrictions to stay/live/work in the UK

- Commonwealth citizen

In the police service there are no age or height restrictions. You also might be required to have a driving licence or be in the process of learning to drive but this depends on the force you apply to. This one is not required, but during the process of applying people will look at you, what kind of character do you have, how well do you communicate or understand other people and also if you are a friendly person.

Both male and female's can apply to the Police Service.

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