The New World: Slavery.

by: Layne and Maddie

1. Social Effects of Slavery

Slavery had a large dehumanizing effect which had an overall effect on the social aspect of the new world. The slaves were very dehumanized by doing what they had to do, the harsh conditions contributed to this. Social factors changed because of this, and the overall mindset of people thinking about other people (who were different from them) changed as well.
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2. Political Effects of Slavery

Slave trade caused a lot of violence to escalate, especially after the late 17th century. So this meant politically, people began to trade slaves for things like firearms which caused more violence problems and unnecessary fights.
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3. Plantation System

The plantation system (which was located in the Americas or the New World) was a more advanced way of agriculture, a more progressive system than the ways of the past. Cotton was a common thing produced in plantations in order to support the economy in North America, which sugarcane in South America.
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4. Forms of Resistance

The most drastic form of slave resistance was through slave revolt. Since slave numbers were far larger than those of the plantation owners, slaves had the ability to organize and overpower their masters. Slave revolts brought fear to the plantation owners and they often resulted in death and destruction.
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