What do I need to know?

Señora Cantillo's Spanish Class

What should I expect?

Expect to:

•have fun.

•work hard.

•speak Spanish in class most of the time.

•learn from other students.

•be treated with respect.

•make mistakes. Its an opportunity for learning.

•be challenged mentally.

Clasroom Expectations

In Spanish class we speak SPANISH!


Sit Straight in attention.


Polite:If you need to sharpen your pencil, throw away a paper or get up from your seat please WAIT until I am done speaking.Raise your hand to be called on or wait your turn to speak in group discussions.


Attention on speaker. That means your teacher or your fellow student. (Track)


Native Speakers (pretend) Speak Spanish as much as possible. Trying not an option!


Immerse ourselves. We think in Spanish the entire class!


Stay on task and on time.


Helpful to each other in this classroom.


Bell once to quiet down a little during an activityBinder clips and check marks.....

Materials: For you and your parents

Expectations Letter and 500 Words or lessBoth Due no later than Friday, January 25, 2013
Study Skills 101 Yours to keep!

Unexcused Tardiness to Class

1st Offense Warning (Teacher Assigned)2nd Offense Warning (Teacher Assigned) 3rd Offense Detention /Parent Contact (Teacher Assigned)4th Offense One Class Period of ISS (Administrator Assigned)5th Offense One Day of ISS (Administrator Asigned)6th Offense- Two Days of ISS (Administrator Asigned)7th + OffenseTBD by Administrative Staff/Conference Request

Make up work

One student responsible fore the sheet during the week. Your responsibility to see that person and get the information you missed whiel you were out. You have 3 days to make up the work!

DRILLS: Remain SILENT on all drills!!!


Wait for me to assign a leader and walk infront of Media Canter to H.S. breezway and out to the front parking lot


Away from the windows.Lets try it! Yes, now.

Lock Down

Again SILENT!Sit next to your desk on the floor. Let's try it!

Bithday Time!

Without talking (gesture are allowed) get in a circle according to your birthday.