Mrs. Bryer's Class Newsletter

February 4, 2013

100th Day of School!

Monday is our 100th day of Kindergarten! We have worked with 100 things this week to prepare. We made crowns with 100 stamps, necklaces with 100 fruit loops, and glasses in the shape of 100! We have also with a 100's board. The children are noticing the patterns in the numbers and how easy it is to read the numbers to 100 once they have the pattern.

We will wrap up our celebration of the 100th day of kindergarten on Monday. We will count out 100 of different objects and then create something with them. It is fun to see what the children think to make with 100 toothpicks, 100 buttons, or 100 Legos! We will end our day with a parade through the school in the afternoon wearing our crowns and glasses.

Valentine's Boxes and Cards

I am asking families to work together to design the Valentine's boxes this year. Mrs. Bales was on top of things and is collecting extra boxes. If you do not have a shoe box to decorate, please write a note in your child's folder so that I can send one home. Be creative and look around the house for things you can reuse. You can cut letters or pictures out of magazines, paint, or even glue dry noodles to it! Please send boxes to school by Tuesday, February 12th.

I am sending a class list home this weekend. I am asking that each child bring in 21 Valentine's for their classmates. These can be homemade or store bought. Please have your child sign their cards and write their classmates on the envelope. If you start early, you will only need to complete 2-3 a night. Please send the cards in by Thursday, February 14th!

We will have a small celebration on Valentine's Day to share our cards, enjoy cookies and juice, and complete a craft. If you would like to help by sending in cookies, juice boxes, or napkins please let me know.

Change of Clothes

I sent home the change of clothes I had here at school so that families could make sure things still fit and make sure they were appropriate for the cooler weather. If you have not sent a change of clothes bag back to school please do so on Monday. It is important that every child has an outfit on hand, just in case!


The children are getting in the routine of doing their homework each week. That was the goal of the pencils. I gave my last pencil out with the last homework turned in. Now that we understand what is expected, I will put a sticker on bottom of the calendar for each homework turned in on time. All children that have turned in their homework for the month will get to eat lunch in the classroom at the end of the month. There were only 3 this month. If we get 100% from everyone for a month, I will plan a much bigger celebration! The goal is for the children to become more responsible for their learning. I am also hoping, that you are noticing some areas that might be a strength or a need for your child.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

We are published authors!

The children and I conference about their writing as often as I can. This week, each child chose a favorite story they had written to be published. They had to read it to me and choose a title. I will put them together this weekend and they will illustrate next week. They are excited to use the new box of "publishing crayons".

The book will come home in the book bag. Please help to show it off by encouraging your child to read it to everyone! There is also an information sheet to help you extend your child's thoughts on the topic. Please write a short message on the back of the book praising your child for their efforts. These comments will be read to the class. Anyone that listens to the book can write something. This is a great way to celebrate their writing.

Academic Expectations

At the end of this grading period students are expected to be reading beginning level books. I am doing everything I can in the classroom to help everyone meet this expection. Please help your child practice their sight words and read to them nightly. The more they hear, the more they know. Every story has new vocabulary and the more words in your child's vocabulary bank the easier it is for them to pick up on the context clues and read unfamiliar words.