OCPL Weekly Update

March 19, 2015

Mahan Library

I had a good time at Harmony Elementary last week working the Countdown to Kindergarten table. It was gratifying to see a lot of people sign up for library cards and the Countdown to Kindergarten email newsletter. It was a great idea to have OCPL representatives to all the schools. (Kudos to the person--or persons-- who came up with this idea.)

I also had fun at the KPLA Conference this week. All the sessions I attended were informative, particularly the one dealing with the library lawsuits in Northern Kentucky. The speaker did a great job explaining the issues involved with the case.

Finally, we are experimenting with putting one range of the New Adult Nonfiction display on the front side facing the circ desk. Hopefully, the titles will be more visible this way and they will circulate more. We'll see how it goes.

See you next week!



Some of you may have heard that our gun-toting patron was arrested on possession of a concealed deadly weapon and some drug charges. Many thanks to patrons and staff who helped get him in custody.

The biohazard cleanup materials are now at all libraries. I hope we don't have to use them. The sanitizer dispenser has been fixed and I'll bring it to the branches at my next visit in a week or two.

I made visits to Mahan and South last week. Both Vicki and Graham have been rearranging and their libraries look great. Nice job to both managers and staff.

Thanks to Susan for editing the Pandemic Policy. The next step is Board approval.

Have a great weekend.


Main Circ & Teens

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday with crafts in the teen area. Thanks to Susan B. for helping out and letting me leave early so that I could make Liliah's 3rd Grade Music Performance.

I am postponing the Masquerade Event that we had planned for teens tomorrow night--sign-ups are low and this event needs a good crowd to be fun. I will move it to the summer schedule.

Thanks to all for encouraging patrons to vote in the "Character Clash". The next bracket starts tomorrow. I know my boys had a very lively discussion after dinner one night as they were voting online about their favorite characters battling it out.

Next Week for Teens:

Book Besties--Monday afternoon

Teen Writer's Studio--Tuesday evening

and I will be at the SOHS Reality Store all day on Friday


South Oldham Library

Apparently a “patron-to-be” stole the contents of 2 Hooked on Phonics “Learn to Read” kits last week. A child wanted a library card and the mother did not have her ID, so she told John she would come back. In the meantime, she was looking at the Hooked on Phonics kits. John said she had the contents out of the box and he assumed she was just perusing the items. About an hour after they left, he went back to the stacks to pull a book on request and found the 2 empty boxes stuffed behind some other books.

On a lighter note, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our patrons on Tuesday by offering refreshments. We had shamrock punch and cookies available all day.

John was in the spirit!


Big image


Thank you to everyone who went to the Oldham County elementary schools to help promote Countdown to Kindergarten and to sign kindergartners up for library cards. The schools had 549 kindergartners register for school, so this was a good outreach opportunity for us. The schools were very happy we were there, and I know that we spoke to many new families that had just moved here for the schools and had not yet gotten library cards. Thank you to all the staff at the libraries for entering the library card information into the system!

Coming up at the library:

  • Drop-in crafts at South today from 4-5:30. We are making sock puppets and decorating baseball caps.
  • Parent Engagement class is Saturday at 10:30. Parents can sign their children (children ages 2 & up) up for child care online.
  • Lego Robotics on Tuesday evening. Sign ups are online on the children's page: http://www.oldhampl.org/children.htm
  • Scrapbook Babies next Thursday. This is a program designed for babies and their caregivers. Each month, we make either a hand print, footprint or take a picture to add to their scrapbook to document their year at the library.
  • And our normal programs continue as usual next week.



The seed library is in full swing and all seeds are available. If you need any supplies or more seed catalogs, just email me.

Also, we have Game Day Saturday at the Main Library.


Tech Services

Business as usual.

Thanks, Susan Michal, for helping with the run.

We recently got a price increase of almost $200 for the New York Times. That would make our annual subscription around $700! It was an error. Markitha and I verify all invoices involving Technical Services before she pays them.

Vicki Niehaus



I am looking into the gnat problem. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it is very irritating for me as I am sure it is for you!

Still working on E-rate whose promised new simplicity is anything but simple.

Still considering budget items...The Board wants the Main Library to be open on Sundays! Still selecting files for shredding; how full are your file drawers?

Still organizing policies and procedures for tomorrow's staff meeting.

Still excited about the upcoming Digital Studio

Still swatting!

Still being the last one to get my notes in for the weekly update!

Still feeling proud of our Library and everyone in it!

Still loving my job!

Network & IT notes

Well we have had a interesting week, more phone issue, but these were a lot more interesting, international calls at 4am, interesting. I got a nice phone woman this time.

Also, I have been getting ready for a big server move Friday night (at least if something goes wrong Robert and I have the rest of the weekend to fix it before you all come in Monday).

A few more steps closer on the Windows 7 upgrade.

I think we might have the whole HVAC system (somewhat) under control here at main, at least they seem to have fixed the unit in the server room. YAYYYY

Susan and I have meet with vendors and gone over several of the incoming e-rate proposals, ughhh, enough said. Nah, it's not that bad, but wow it really puts a lot into perspective.

Too bad about the teen program I was kind of looking forward to that, hopefully I will be invited to the rescheduled one.

Oh and Susan you weren't last to do your update I think I was, :( but yes, I still love my job too!!! :-)