Crystal Darter

Real Name:

Crystallaria cincotta AKA Crystal Darter,last know location There is currently only one known extant population of the diamond darter and it is in the lower 37 km of the Elk River WV and handle with care.

Endagered species:Despite an historical range that included many rivers throughout east-central and southeastern Missouri, crystal darters never were considered common. Population declines have occurred as a result of habitat modification from activities such as channelization, dredging and impoundments. Crystal darters are particularly affected by these practices because they increase siltation, which affects how darters hunt for food.

They are trying to breed them and to nurse any that is hurt cause this species needs to be protected from Fisher Men.


is a company that is still trying to save the Diamond Darters and this is a video of how they are spawning at CFI.
Diamond Darters Spawning at CFI 2010