Franklin Delano Rosevelt

By Jonathan Moua

What made Franklin D Roosevelt famous ?

What made Franklin D. Roosevelt famous is that he guided The United States through the "Great Depression".

3 facts about Franklin D. Roosevelt

1). Franklin D. Roosevelt revive America's failing economy .

2). Him becoming president

3). Helping his country

Important person,place,thing,or idea

1). Eleanor Roosevelt was very important to Franklin D. Roosevelt

2). Being president because he followed his dad "Footsteps"

3). His people because its his duty

Interesting facts

First was that FDR was the president of the United States.Second was that Franklin D. Roosevelt was married to Eleanor Roosevelt.Next is that FDR father was president and he was Theodore Roosevelt . While he was president had polio(a disease that could paralysis you). During polio Franklin D. Roosevelt had a dog named Fala.
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Life lesson

People or things are never to be forgotten
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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