Technology At Lineville

Ky Mueller 2015-2016

Typing Web

In Lineville technology the first thing you do is start a typing account. This is when you have like 5 minutes in the start of class to type sentences and get to different levels. You learn the basics of writing and increase in difficulty as you get higher.


In this you make a trailer of stuff that you did or want you want to be. You make this in iMovie and add pictures and text. An example could be you turning 2 and show pictures of you as a 1 year old and getting ready to turn 2.

Haiku Deck

When you get to Haiku Deck you make a slide of what you want to be when you grow up. You would have to include what college you would go to and how much it would cost. You could also tell them fun facts and what it is like doing your job.

Explain Everything

At Explain Everything you get to pick between certain math problems. You use Explain Everything to show Mrs. Myers what the math problem is and how you solve it. You basically take the problem through steps until you actually solve it.

Career Locker

In Career Locker you get to see what it would take to get to college and shows what diploma it would take to get jobs. It also shows you how much a college would cost. You take a survey to see what type of person you are and lists what jobs Career Locker thinks you would be interested in.


In Coding your goal is to get your person to the other side. Their will be obstacles in the way, blocking your path. You guide the person your using by using codes like up,down,left,right,move and jump. Once you finish all of the levels you move to a different stage that features harder levels.