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The Magic of Pineapples on Kindle

The Magic of Pineapples- A Brain Tingling Adventure Through Amazing Mathematics

"It is impossible to claim that mathematics is boring after reading this wonderful book. I will also never look at a pineapple in the same way again. A must read for the curious minds of students and adults alike."- Craig Barton, TES Mathematics Advisor

What's it about?

Ever wondered why some people say mathematics is beautiful? After reading The Magic of Pineapples you'll agree with them! Using simple mathematics that school kids can understand, The Magic of Pineapples takes you on an amazing journey that dazzles you with all the beautiful mathematics in the world around you.

How are children's puzzles and patterns based on infinity related? What are the similarities in the mathematics behind the shape of tropical storms and how pineapples grow? Why is much of internet security built on one of the great unsolved problems in mathematics?

The Magic of Pineapples explores all these questions and more, finding unexpected links and fascinating revelations. You don't need to be great at mathematics to read and enjoy this book; you just need a mind open to the exploration of intriguing ideas.

You'll never see the world the same again. You may even say mathematics is beautiful...

About the author

Will Emeny is a Head of Maths, teaching at Wyvern College in England. He is passionate about teaching maths and his mission is to get everyone to fall in love with the subject.

He is a member of the TES Maths Panel and author of the n.o. 1 bestselling book 100 Things Awesome Teachers Do.

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