The Towler Times

March 20th, 2015

A Peek at our Week...

~This week we began reading a historical fiction piece entitled The Drinking Gourd. Ask your child what the drinking gourd is another name for. We will finish this book next week and watch a video narrated by Morgan Freeman entitled Follow the Drinking Gourd. This will end our study of The Underground Railroad.

~Today the students had an opportunity to participate in an Underground Railroad Simulation. The goal of the simulation was to demonstrate the difficulties the slaves faced while trying to reach freedom using the Underground Railroad. With the roll of a die, the students traveled to places such as their cabin, the plantation, an abolitionist's home, the woods, and the northern border. Along the way some met a stranger. Many were sent back to the plantation multiple times for different reasons. Ask your child if their group made it to freedom. The students are using the data from their journey and writing a narrative describing their struggles along the way. Thank you to Mr. Young for coming in and helping the students with this activity!

~In math, we continued with money. We worked on making amounts in two different ways and today we began making change. We will take a quiz early next week and move on to measuring in inches!


On Monday, we had an awesome assembly all about Thomas Edison! Ask your child to name one of his many inventions.
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March Madness...

In addition to our March Madness Tournament of Books...we also looked at NCAA March Madness brackets. Out of the 64 teams, your child was asked to pick a winner! We discussed probability and upsets. We will be keeping an eye on which teams move forward and if any of us were able to pick the winner. Ask your child which basketball team he or she chose to win!

Spring Break...

~I will be sending home travel journals with the students next week along with a "READO" sheet. These are optional Spring Break activities. Anyone who wishes to share information regarding their Spring Break upon their return, can feel free to fill out the travel journal, bring it back to school on April 6th and share it with our class. I am even encouraging students who are staying right here in Geneva to fill one out logging daily activities to share with our class! The READO activity is just a fun way to keep kids reading over the week they are gone. It lists different reading activities in a Bingo style format. Students can try to complete 5 activities in a row to achieve READO!

~The students will have a small homework assignment over Spring Break to prepare them for a writing assignment upon their return. Please look for a sheet explaining this assignment in your child's red folder Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~Benjamin Franklin