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I am a stay at home grandmother and blessed with 13 beautiful children, I am also referral agent for a company called Instant Rewards Network that works with Fortune 500 companies who pay out commissions just to get people to try free or cheap trials of their products and services like Disney, Walmart, Netflix just to name a few. One of the best ways to market any product or service is to get people to try it first in the hopes that they will like it and buy it. People who sign up have no obligation to keep the product or service beyond the trial period, We simply just place ads and explain to people how it works and we earn commissions. So basically you would sign up and do 1 trial from any of these companies just one time, I suggest doing the free trial, then you are qualified for life and never have to do them again. If you like the product or service you can keep it, if not at the end of the trial you can cancel it with no obligation. You must follow through with the offer to qualify and begin getting paid, for each person that tries an offer you will get paid $20.

Proof payouts

Here are some proof payouts that I have received from IRN, you can get paid through Paypal or direct deposit


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