Young Middle Magnet School

Volume 2, Issue 8

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3/3: Club Day


3/10: Spring Picture Day

3/13-17: Spring Break

3/24: End of the Third Grading Period

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Spring Picture Day

Picture Day is coming on Friday, March 10th! For more information about Picture Day, check out the flyer below.
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Congratulations 8th Graders!!

These three students received a lanyard from Middleton High School where they will be attending school next year.

Congratulations to all of our 8th graders who received offers to Magnet High School Programs!!

Mobile Food Pantry

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Foundation and Feeding Tampa Bay will continue to sponsor the mobile food pantry; it will take place at a new location, Lockhart Elementary School, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The next Mobile Food Pantry is March 8th.

Open the document below for the Mobile Food Pantry schedule.

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End-of-the-Year Celebration Criteria

*No F's in any class (academic and elective)



*All assessments must be completed

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2023 Flag Football Schedule

First Day of practice: Tuesday, March 7, 2023

All games begin at 6:00 p.m. except for Mondays, games begin at 5:30 p.m.

Girls play first followed by Boys.

Championships-May 1-3

March 29: Orange Grove vs. Young @ Hillsborough

April 4: Young vs. Ferrell/Franklin @ Middleton

April 12: Young vs. Stewart @ Blake

April 19: Young vs. Rampello @ Blake

April 24: Young vs. Memorial @ Hillsborough

Uniform Policy

Mandatory uniforms are part of the magnet commitment. Students are required to be in uniform before entering the Young Middle Magnet School campus and to remain in uniform while on campus throughout the school day.

Open the document below for more information.

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be in class and beginning bell work when the tardy bell rings.

Random tardy lock-outs will occur throughout the school year.

Students must report to the patio when caught in a tardy lock out.

Students will receive a Tardy Lock Out Alert.

Students will receive a tardy lock-out pass to show to their teacher. Students must show the pass to their teacher to enter the classroom. This form should be taken home to the parent for a signature and returned to the school.

Electronic Device Policy

During school hours and while on the bus, cell phones and other electronic devices are no to be activated or used in any manner. All devices must be stored out of sight.

We see it, We take it.

1st offense: Parent contact (device is returned to student at the end of the school day).

2nd offense: Parent contact (device is returned to student at the end of the school day).

3rd offense: Parent contact, In-School Suspension (parent must pick up the phone).

and Sign-Out Procedures

Procedures:

Any student arriving to school after school has begun MUST report to the main office. A tardy pass shall be issued indicating excused or unexcused tardy. Students with excessive UNEXCUSED tardies will be subject to disciplinary action.

Sign-Out Procedures:

During school hours a principal or designee shall permit a child to leave school only in the custody of the following adults:


*Person listed on emergency contact card, WITH PHOTO ID.

*A law enforcement officer.

*An authorized worker of the Department of Children and Families.

Students may NOT be signed out after 3:00 PM. Regular dismissal is at 3:25 PM.

On Early Release Mondays, students may NOT be signed out after 2:00 PM. Dismissal is at 2:25 PM.

We appreciate your cooperation as we minimize classroom interruptions at the end of the school day.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Morning drop-off begins-- 8:05 AM. School starts at 8:30 AM.

1. Car rider vehicles drop off in front of the school (Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd). One-way traffic only.

2. Due to safety reasons, students may NOT be dropped off on side streets (17th St, 20th St).

3. Walkers and bike riders use the crosswalks in front of the school.

Afternoon dismissal begins-- 3:25 PM.

Students must be picked up by 3:40 PM.

(Early Release Day dismissal is 2:25 PM. Students must be picked up by 2:40 PM).

1. Car riders: report to the front of the school for supervised departures. One-way traffic only.

2. Due to safety reasons, students may NOT be picked up on side streets (17th St, 20th St).

3. Bus riders: report to the bus ramp when called.

4. Walkers: exit through the gate by the Media Center. Use crosswalks to cross the street.

5. Bike riders: exit through the gate between the gym and the main office building. Use crosswalks to cross the street.

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Fortify App

FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows individuals to submit tips concerning unsafe, potentially harmful, dangerous, violent, or criminal activities and threats. That information goes immediately and directly to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.

Open the document below for more information.
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