BHS Senior News

May 3, 2021

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A letter from Mrs. DeMaio

Dear Parents of the class of 2021:

Congratulations, your senior is almost ready for graduation from Buchanan High School. I am sending this communication to you in hopes to shed some light on the plans that administrators, teachers and class officers have been working on to commemorate this milestone of completing high school. Although we understand that many of you were looking forward to the traditional events, we are planning for as many senior events as close to traditional as possible.

June 11 will mark the end of one phase for graduates and the beginning of another. Buchanan High School graduates have worked hard for their diplomas. I am proud of each of them and look forward to seeing each take their place as leaders in the economic, political and social institutions of our great country.

I look forward to seeing you at all of our graduation events.


Stacey DeMaio

Buchanan High School Principal

Graduation Speeches - Due May 4

Typed versions of potential graduation speeches due to Mrs. Hess or Mrs. Neal. All seniors are welcome to audition to speak at graduation. For a complete list of guidelines, please go to the Senior Webpage, and click on Ceremonies. Auditions will be held on May 11th.

Senior Video pictures - Due May 14

Parents and students are welcome to submit pictures of their graduates from various years in their lives (baby pictures, senior pictures, group pictures from elementary, middle and high school) to be viewed as a compilation senior video. This video will be distributed to all seniors and shown as a prelude to our graduation ceremony. All pictures should be submitted digitally to

Decision Day Slides - Due May 21

Mrs. Barlow has sent every senior a link to a Google Classroom for students to submit a "Senior Slide", which will be used in our graduation ceremony. Students are asked to create a slide that includes their picture and their after high school plans.

Baccalaureate - May 23

Area churches celebrate our seniors by providing a non-denominational baccalaureate service. This year the service will be held at 2:00 on May 23rd at the Commons. Although not an official school event, all seniors and their families are invited to attend this special program sponsored by the Buchanan Ministerial Association.

Honors Convocation & Senior Dinner - June 3

This event will take place at Centennial Park, where students will have a seated picnic dinner. School memories will be celebrated as well as student accomplishments. Awards, caps and gowns, graduation tickets and seating, letters to self, and honor cords will be distributed. Seniors should make their reservations to Mrs. Neal or Mrs. Hess and pay a nonrefundable fee of $15.00 by the end of May 28. Students will receive a ticket that must be turned in to redeem their meal at the event. Once the event is over, students are encouraged to put on their caps and gowns and take pictures around campus. Due to space limitations, this is a student only event.

Graduation - June 11

Students will be given 4 guest passes to give to family members to attend our event at 6:30 pm on June 11, 2021 at Memorial Field. Students will be recognized and celebrated during the ceremony. More information regarding this event will be sent soon.


Students can continue scholarship applications. Application deadlines vary so please pay close attention to those dates.

Scholarship Page:

End of Year COVID guidance

Be aware that if someone tests positive, is in quarantine, or has symptoms they will not be able to particiipate in any end of year events. Be safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, don't do anything to jeopardize your chances of participating in your high school commencement ceremony!

Important things to remember:

Buchanan Commencement has been pleasant and dignified for many years. Please help us keep Commencement an important and respectful ceremony. Your cooperation with the following is appreciated:

1. To walk in graduation, seniors must have met all academic requirements for a Buchanan High School diploma.

2. Seniors must take care of all debts (missing or damaged athletic equipment/uniforms, books, chromebooks, chargers, and other school supplies) no later than Thursday, June 4. Any remaining outstanding debts will result in a student not being able to walk in the graduation ceremony. A letter from Mr. Pruett for seniors who currently have an outstanding debt will be sent out this month.

3. Individual pictures of each senior, in cap and gown, will be taken on the day of graduation beginning at 5:30 PM in the auxilary gym. These pictures will be used to create a class composite photo. This will be a “closed” photo session.

4. A photographer will be at Commencement to take photos on the field.

5. A flyer with ordering information for all graduation photos will be provided inside the diploma holders seniors receive on the field.

6. Family guests are limited to 4 per graduate and will be seated on the field with their graduate.

7. Please do not put individual names on banners or in Styrofoam cups in the fence or with similar methods. Also, all handheld signs are prohibited to ensure everyone has an unblocked view of the ceremony.

8. Dr. Harvey Burnett, School Board President, will remain after the ceremony to re-enact the granting of the diploma to anyone who wishes a photo.

9. Please have your son or daughter dress in appropriate attire for graduation so as not to detract from the program. Heels are strongly discouraged as we will be on the field. Gowns that have been altered will not be allowed. Caps may be tastefully decorated, however anything deemed inappropriate will jeopardize participation in the graduation ceremony.

10. We urge you to speak to your graduate about his/her behavior during Commencement. Squirt guns, water bottles, beach balls, etc. are inappropriate for what is a dignified ceremony. Please speak with your son/daughter about this day. This is a dignified occasion and your cooperation will be appreciated.

11. On a more personal note I ask for your help in encouraging your graduate to act responsibly during the graduation party season. Drinking and driving do not mix. There will, I assume, be numerous opportunities for students to celebrate in an “adult” manner. I realize this is a concern for all of us and together we can help encourage the Class of 2021 to have a wonderful, safe and sober graduation season.