Gay Marriage

By Keara Halpern


  • Marriage provides legitimacy to children of same sex couples
  • It's discrimination to allow different sex couples to become married but to extend that same opportunity to same sex couples
  • The United States has always said that everyone is equal but that isn't true. Steps have been taken to ensure equality and race and religion and it's time to do the same for sexual orientation.
  • Societies public acceptance of gay marriage would positively affect the 5%-15% of the population that are gay, and help the mental health of teens that are gay
  • Gay marriage wouldn't do any terrible damage. Denmark has legalized gay marriage and statistic show that divorce rates are actually lower in same sex couples


  • Union between a man and women is the only way to produce women and marriage
  • Relationships between a man and a woman are the most efficient way to ensure a child is nurtured properly by both a mother and a father
  • Changing marriage for gay couples means changing it for everyone, like polygamists
  • Studies show that children raised by both married and biological parents flourish best.
  • Children need the distinctive qualities and the complementary natures of a male and female parent.

My Opinion

  • I think gay marriage should be legalized
  • Why don't same sex couples have the same right to get married as different sex couples, I think it's unconstitutional that they aren't treated equally
  • Many people against gay marriage talk about children. If marriage really was just for the children then should couples that don't want children be able to get married? Or what about couples that can't have children of their own , they would have to adopt just as a same sex couple would, but they would never be denied the right of marriage.
  • I also think there's something wrong with the fact that serial killers on death row can get married but good, law abiding, same sex couples can't. That makes sense.
  • I think the decision of same sex marriage should not up to people who it doesn't directly involve. Why allow someone with prejudices have an opinion on the subject when it will change nothing for them.
  • As for people that use religion as a defense, there is nothing wrong with their beliefs but they need to learn about separation of church and state.