Chiune Sugihara

The Diplomatistic Saviour


Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat to the country of Lithuania. He was stationed in Kanaus, Lithuania. Chiune issued over 1800 visas in the period of a week. Roughly helping over some 2000 Jews. This all took place of late July. He even issued visas out of the train to Berlin!

What did Sugihara do at Kaunas, Lithuania?

Sugihara helped some two thousand jewish refugees heading from The Eastern Front. Mostly, He helped them by writing large amounts of travel visas, which allowed these refugees to travel to Japan, to which then they would move to a much safer place. he helped these people by staying in his garage all day long trying to write visas. Once the Russian front had captured Lithuania, Chiune was removed and restationed in Berlin, and even on the relocation train, He issued visas out of the train.


Sugihara was the First Japanese diplomat in Lithuania. Sugihara lived to the age of 86, With the achievements of "Righteous Among Nations Award."As well as the satisfaction of saving roughly two thousand lives. In 1996, a Monument was dedicated to him, This monument is now known as "Hill of Humanity". His funeral was attended by several high Japanese officials. He practiced Civil Disobedience.


  • Issued roughly 1900 visas.
  • Japan's Ministry of Foreign affairs declined four times
  • Sugihara continued issuing visas from the train
  • People treat these visas as heirlooms
  • Sugihara recieved "Righteous Among Nations Award" one year before he died
  • Sugihara was born January 1st, 1900
  • Sugihara worked from 1940-1941 in Lithuania
  • Sugihara two sons, Chiaki & Hiroki
  • Sugihara served three years in a soviet prison.

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