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Home of the Spartans - 1/10-1/14/22

Exam Make Up Schedule

Please review the testing schedule so that you are aware of when makeups are this week. Students will receive colored passes during 1st period and 5th period each day so that they know when they have an exam to make up. The pass will also list what exam the student has to make up that day. All testing will take place in the media center except for the speaking portion of the Spanish exams which will take place in room 1601 during 1st period only.

Monday 1/10/22

Spanish 1 (speaking only)- Marrero's classroom 1st period

Intensive Reading 3 (Housh's 5th period)- Room 220 period 5-7

Intensive Reading (Fernandez students)- Media Center period 1-3

Intensive Reading (Kentish students)- Media center period 1-3

Tuesday 1/11/22

Period 1-3 in the media center

Spanish 1 (written portion only)

Spanish 2 (will do speaking portion in Marrero's classroom 1st period and then report to the media center for 2nd and 3rd to do written portion)

Spanish 3 (written portion only)




Period 5-7 in the media center

Social Studies

Wednesday 1/12/22

Period 1-3 in the media center

Spanish 3 (speaking only)- Marrero’s classroom (1601) 1st period

Science/Math (if they have a science exam AND a math exam students can complete one on Wednesday one during makeups on Friday)

Period 5-7 in the media center


Thursday 1/13/22

Period 1-3 in the media center


Period 5-7 in the media center


Friday 1/13/22


Ms. Green, APC

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12th Grade Class Rank Freeze- Important

Class rank will be designated on Friday, February 11th, 2022. (Rank Freeze)

The issue date on final official grade reports or transcripts must be on or before Friday, January 7th, 2022, to count in the class rank calculation.

It is important to remind our students that if they are taking virtual courses from HVK12 or other online providers, that the official grade report or transcript must be issued on or before Friday, January 7th, 2022 to count in the class rank calculation. Course results dated January 8, 2022, or after will be added to semester two, after class rank is determined.

For more detailed information on class rank refer to the Student Progression Plan available on the HCPS website.


An estimated $100 million in scholarships goes unawarded each year. This is mostly due to a lack of applicants. National Scholarship Month is a national campaign, sponsored by NSPA, to raise awareness of the vital role scholarships play in reducing student loan debt and expanding access to higher education.

Find student resources for scholarships here:

Also, please check the below attachment (December-2021-scholarship newsletter)

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SAT/ ACT 2021-22 Testing Schedule & Profferfish Community Service Guidelines

Seniors, there is still time to sign up for SAT/ACT testing! Juniors it's never too early to start planning for college admission. Sign up today! See the attached schedule below
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Attendance MATTERS Every Period Every Day!

REMINDER: Attendance Matters Every Period Every Day. We cannot educate our students at an optimal level if they are not present and/or late to school.

Attendance of every student enrolled at Sumner HS is required in order to benefit from the continuity of instruction and classroom participation. School attendance shall be the responsibility of parents/legal guardians and students. Absences shall be reported to the school attendance office by the parent/legal guardian on the day the absence occurred. The number to be called to report an absence on the day of the absences is 813-672-5405

The following factors are reasonable excuses for time missed at school:

A. Personal illness of the student

A student who has demonstrated a pattern of absences due to illness may be required to present medical verification the principal.

B. Court appearance of the student

C. Medical appointment of the student a note from a health care provider may be required.

D. An approved school activity. Absences will be recorded but not reported.

E. Emergencies that are acceptable to the principal

F. Other absences as approved by the principal. A written request from the parent/legal guardian is submitted to the principal at least three days prior to the date of absence. The parent will be notified of the decision.

G. Attendance at a center under Children and Families Services supervision

H. Accident resulting in injury to the student

I. Significant community events with prior permission of the principal

When more than one school is involved, the Area Superintendent will determine the status of the absence.

J. Observance of an established religious holiday

K. Death of a close relative. For purposes of this policy, close relatives shall be defined as the father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter (or in-law), stepfather, stepmother, stepbrother, stepsister, half-sister, half-brother, stepchild, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, grandparents, grandchild, or members of his/her own household.


State Law requires that students, 14 to 18 years of age, who have not earned a high school diploma, who have 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days, be ineligible for driving privileges. School districts are required by this legislation to report to the State of Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), the names of any students who have accumulated 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days. The student who is reported will be informed by the DHSMV that his/her name has been received and he/she may lose the privilege to drive. Should a student be contacted by DHSMV with information, he/she may initiate a request for a hardship waiver or a request for reinstatement of driving privilege through the Office of Student Affairs.

A hardship for employment is based on verification of need. The factor to be considered is the extent to which a student provides a substantial financial contribution for his or her livelihood or his or her family’s needs. A hardship for medical care is based on the need for transportation, for the student or his or her immediate family members living in the same household, to access required treatment. Consideration should be given to whether there are any other licensed drivers residing in the household.

Students who accumulate 15 unexcused absences in any period of 90 calendar days will be reported by the school to the DHSMV. Please follow the attendance procedure that has been established in order that students not be reported unexcused when they should be excused. Please reach out to our Student Services Team and/or Administration with questions and/or concerns.

Whenever any student has a total of 15 days of unexcused absence from school during any semester, the student will be considered habitually absent. The school will inform the parent of excessive absences and the district’s intent to notify the Department of Highway Safety of Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) of the student's excessive absences.

Tardiness to Class: A student is tardy when the student arrives after the beginning of the school day or when he/she is not in his/her assigned seat or station when the tardy bell rings. A student’s tardiness shall be excused when the reason given is acceptable to the principal or designee. Examples of acceptable reasons for tardiness are the same as the examples of acceptable reasons for excused absences.

Sign-in Procedures: Any student arriving at school after the session has begun at 8:40 must report to the Main Office or Office of Student Affairs. An admit shall be issued indicating excused or unexcused tardy or absence. For the student to receive an excused sign-in, a parent or guardian must accompany the student to the Main Office and give an excusable reason. More than two sign-ins in a grading period shall require medical or other documentation. Students will not be allowed to sign out later than 3 PM Tue-Fri and no later than 2 PM on Mondays. Please understand that students are close to dismissal and sign-out at these times disrupt the learning and dismissal process.

All students need to take hold of their commitment and potential to be the best they can be for themselves...and that commitment and potential starts with being on time and present to each class Every Day.

3rd Quarter Conference Night

Mark your calendar for 3rd Quarter Conference night 4 pm-6:30 p.m. Details coming soon!
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Canvas Reminder

HCPS will continue to use Canvas as a learning and communication tool in 21/22. The BELOW ATTACHMENTS (2122 ALL CANVAS) provides parents and guardians with helpful information for using Canvas to support and monitor student academic progress.

G/B Soccer vs. Riverview - Away

Tuesday, Jan. 11th, 6pm

11311 Boyette Road

Riverview, FL

G/B Basketball vs. Sickles- Away

Tuesday, Jan. 11th, 6:30pm

7950 Gunn Highway

Tampa, FL

G/B Basketball vs. Sumner- Away

Wednesday, Jan. 12th, 6:30pm

10650 County Road 672

Riverview, FL

G/B Basketball vs. Chamberlain-Away

Sunday, Jan. 9th, 6:30pm

9401 North Boulevard

Tampa, FL

JV Boys Basketball vs. Wharton/Robinson-Away

Saturday, Jan. 15th, 9am

20150 Bruce B Downs Boulevard

Tampa, FL