CPFA Spring Instrumental Concert

Reminders and Information

Band and Strings Students: Concert Excerpt Recordings

All students, including Remote Access instrumental music students, are reminded that your recorded excerpts for MP3 grades are due on Tuesday, March 29th (the day we get back from break). These excerpts can be recorded using Audacity (make sure you send an mp3 file, not the Audacity project file), www.vocaroo.com, or any mobile recording device.

Students in the middle school orchestra class and remote access students will have several recording assignments due that are for pieces of music that you do not perform on (or play percussion for). You do not have to submit a recording for percussion parts or songs you don't play on - simply type something in the text field on the assignment and submit to remove that item from your lesson overview.

Please make sure you use a metronome to record the excerpts at the tempi indicated. Some students have received changes to parts to help make their performance the best it can be - you know who you are. If you have an altered part for one of these excerpts, make sure you record that version.

Any student who does not submit recordings by the due date will record them in class on either Wednesday or Thursday, March 30 or 31, and will receive a maximum grade of 90. These recording excerpts are a major portion of your MP3 report card grade.

Concert Day Details for Everyone (Including Jazz Ensemble)

Our concert is on Monday, April 4th. Timeline for the day is as follows:

8:15 AM Normal CPFA middle school classes

2:35 PM Middle school students break, help set up in the Atrium, instrument cases to the Blue Theatre, instruments and music to the Atrium

3:15 High school band/orchestra students arrive, put cases in the Blue Theatre and join us in the Atrium with your instrument and music

3:30 Dress rehearsal begins

5:30 Dinner break (bring your own food - microwave meals permitted!) - CALL TIME FOR JAZZ ENSEMBLE

6:00 Sound check for Jazz Ensemble in the Atrium

6:30 Door open for concert - students meet in Blue Theatre

7:00 Concert begins

7:45 Approximate end time


White shirts, black pants. Dress shoes and socks. Ties optional. Conservative hair, makeup, jewelry. Jazz Ensemble students may wear a jazz-appropriate hat. Students can wear their concert attire to school that day, change after school, or change at the dinner break. Mr. West reserves the right to give you appropriate clothing from the theatre prop storage room if the attire you wear is inappropriate. If you are not certain, please ask.

Concert Program

You can see a copy of our program HERE