A child Called "it"

By: David Pelzer

Davids life

David Pelzer grew up being abused by his mother. His mother called him "It", like he was and meant nothing to her. Most of the abusing took place in his home. Teachers and the school nurse was noticing the extreme bruising, and he was looked at every week by the nurse and the stories seemed to always be the same, sometimes it was running into the door or maybe tripping and falling. David was scared to tell them the truth because of what if mother might do to him. He had five brothers, and the youngest out off all the them. His mother treated the older sibling very nice. For some reason David was unwanted. She the mother, would do terrible things to him. She would buy him only one outfit a year and made him wear it everyday so the kids would make fun of him. Also he thought he was treated like a 'dog' after his brothers were done eating. They didn't do much to try and stop his mother from doing mean this to him because they were treated well. One of the most terrible things his mother did to him was make him sit on the hot scolding stove, while it was on. There was really no reason for her to do that to him. Davids mother like to see him in pain, witch it not right And something had to be done.

'The mothers story'

After interviewing David Pelzers mother and hearing what she had to say how minds will forever be in shock. The mother who was also an alcoholic, ovbiously wouldn't admit to doing terrible things to David, her son. Every story would be different once it would be "I love him and it so sad to me he was taken from me by something I didn't do." Other times when the question 'Do you miss having David around' came up she would act very jumpy and one time, as she thought she said it under her breath she stated "one less child I have to feed, not like I fead it anyways." And right after she said that her face turned red, like she knew we heard it but she didn't want to believe it. Also, whenever we asked about the father, she would refuse to answer then give a blank stare. I asked her "how do you feel that David is now in foster care, not knowing what kind of family he's with?" of course, tears started to fall. Not because David was gone, because she was caught in her own lie. She knows what she did was wrong but did nothing in her power to change it. She continued to say how she wants David back, and she will never have him again. After hearing and seeing those fake tears and that little grin she had one her face, should and will make all of us happy that David is in a nice loving home.


An injury appearing as an area of discolored skin on the body, caused by a blow or impact rupturing underlying blood vessels.


Question (someone) to discover their opinions or experience.


Either of two abstract things that are as different from each other as possible


Containing or relating to alcoholic liquor


Remonstrate with or rebuke (someone) angrily

BY: Sarah Merlow