Risk in Buying Online

A Filipino Friendly Tips

Buying online is fun and handy-- if and only if you know how to be very careful so you can keep your money and information safe against any unauthorized people. Though identity theft happens most of the time in our real world, it is now also possible with online just like credit card fraud. Therefore, before you once again shop with your family and friends in a buy and sell website in the Philippines, it is necessary that you know some friendly tips, which can guide you all along.
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Tip #1: Always select credit over debit

Have you ever heard any suggestions or advice on using credit cards rather than cash or debit cards? Most probably, you’ve heard nothing about it. With credit cards, you have protection against identity theft, which debit cards don’t have. But if you are using your debt cards for your purchasing transactions online, someone out there can possible gain an access into it and be able to take everything from your checking account before you know it. That is why it is much preferable to make use of your credit cards in doing your transactions online.
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Tip# 2: Confirm the Security of the Website

You might be overwhelmed with the wide variety that any buy and sell website could offer to you. However, it doesn’t end there. You should know that there are various levels of security, which is available right now in the internet. Other online shopping sites don’t even bother to offer secured way of shopping. This simply implies that cyber criminals do have the chance to grab everything that you will enter on their form that includes your credit and personal information. So, if you will buy online, you should limit yourself into secured sites. Opt for those sites whose URL starts with HTTPS:// rather than HTTP://. Aside from that, you can tell if a site if secured, if you have seen small lock icon right on the lower part of the screen.
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Tip#3: Never shop on public places

If you are planning to buy online something on a buy and sell website in the Philippines, then do it on your home. In your house, you can freely shop for anything that you need whether they are for your kids or for yourself anytime. But if you are using one public computer, maybe in your work or cybercafé on purchasing something online, you don’t know who will access next to you. You don’t have the control on the malware or spyware that might already infect that specific computer. You have no assurance that the information you’ve been entering are safe. Thus, the bottom line here is to avoid doing that.
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Buying online is really convenient and easy. You could afford best possible deals from its wide selection. But never ever compromise your security and safety in exchange of these benefits. Yes, it is good to be practical but you should also make sure that you are doing it with caution.