Cliffwood School Parent Newsletter

December 2018

Principal's News

Dear Cliffwood School families,

We've finished more than 1/4 of the school year and things are off to a great start here at Cliffwood! Our students and staff are working hard while having fun each day, and I'm very proud of the progress our learners have made so far. I would like to thank all the parents/guardians who came out for teacher conferences; our turnout was tremendous! I am constantly amazed by the level of involvement from so many of our students' families, whether it be meeting with their child's teacher, participating in class activities, volunteering for events, and much more. I wish all of our students, their families, our staff, and the whole Cliffwood community a joyous holiday season and a happy new year! Best wishes,

Mark Van Horn, Principal

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Last call for Educators of the Year nominations!

Has your child experienced an outstanding classroom teacher or educational services professional? If so, please take the time to recommend this person for the Governor’s Educator of the Year Program! The nomination process is easy and you can access the forms here. Please complete the nomination form and return it to the principal by Wednesday, December 19, 2018. You may send in a hard copy or email it to Mr. Van Horn. Thank you for helping to recognize the great staff here at Cliffwood School!

Easy rules for our parking lot

As many parents know, parking can be crowded here at Cliffwood, especially at arrival/dismissal. But, if we all work together and follow a few simple rules, it can be easier for everyone and, most importantly, will keep our learners safe. Here are some easy rules to follow:
  • After entering from Cliffwood Avenue, form only 1 lane and stay to the right. Forming a 2nd lane causes a dangerous situation for people to cross the road.
  • Once in the lane, please remain in your car. Leaving your car creates a problem for those behind yours.
  • Do not stop directly in front of door 1 (main entrance) to drop off. Instead, pull up farther to the bend (outside doors 17 & 18). Doing this creates extra room behind you for more cars to fit.
  • If you do park, make sure to use a space and do not double park which blocks in other parents. If you must park and spaces are unavailable, please use Guisti Field's lot across the street.
  • Never use the front loop as this area if for buses only.

Even though it's crowded, when we all follow these rules and work together, our arrival/dismissal goes quickly and without issue. Thank you for your cooperation!

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We had great attendance at P/T conferences!

Thank you to all parents/guardians for the great attendance we had at this Fall's parent/teacher conferences. Please remember to keep in contact with your child's teacher throughout the school year. Your child's success is formed by a partnership between school and home.

Holiday shop is this week

Just a reminder that our annual PTO holiday shop is happening this week at Cliffwood. Please click the link below to view the schedule for when your child's class will visit the shop. Thanks again for supporting our students and the PTO!

A record number of grant applications!

Cliffwood parents/guardians, please see an important message below from the MAEF. Thank you to everyone who contributed as these grants will be used to enhance our students' learning and school experience!

"The Matawan-Aberdeen Educational Foundation (MAEF) has received a record breaking number of grant applications for the 2018-19 school year. Grant applications covered a wide range of exciting subjects, from Music & Arts to STEM, from grades PreK to 12, and totaled over $50,000. The Foundation Trustees are looking forward to announcing the awardees by the end of November and hope you will be as excited about the teachers' projects as we are! Please go to the MARSD website and look for the Educational Foundation under the Community tab (or go to to see the list of this year’s grant recipients by the end of the month.”

December Dates to Remember

Please mark your calendars for these upcoming school events:
  • Holiday shop - 12/4 to 12/6
  • ESL parent meeting - 12/12
  • Title 1 meeting - 12/13
  • PTO holiday festival - 12/14
  • POSP Sensitive Santa - 12/16
  • PTO Star Student - 12/19
  • School store during lunches - 12/19 and 12/20
  • Half day for students - 12/21 (1:20 dismissal)
  • School closed - 12/24 to 1/1. School reopens 1/2.